Can you use instant coffee in a coffee maker?

By August 30, 2019


Sometimes, the green hands of coffee fans would be confused to choose proper ground coffee for their coffee makers, other people might tend to use the auto-brew timer of the coffee machine, and the other people could have other purposes.
In fact, we can put instant coffee into a coffee-maker as we like, but the flavor of instant coffee would be lost a lot in this way. Coffee maker is invented to make coffee from ground coffee, the roasted coffee beans ground up to a fine powder. When we make the beverage coffee with it, filtering is a popular method to make sure that the water can pass through the ground coffee to extract the flavor of it. However, instant coffee is dried brewed coffee – they grind up the coffee beans, brew the coffee and then remove the water. Therefore, any rebrewing will only dilute the coffee itself. That’s why many people don’t regard putting instant coffee into a coffee-maker is a sensible move.

We have some methods to meet the demands to get coffee as soon as one gets up. For example, we could use our smart water-boilers. Without a coffee maker, we can still drink coffee in boiling water as long as we set our water-boilers in advance. In this way, the tasty flavor of instant coffee would still be available instead of losing through filtering.


If you are a coffee lover, you should first know what you like. All sorts of best grocery store ground coffee are produced from 2 kinds of coffee trees – Arabica or Robusta. The choice between them merely depends on your own preference. After you decide “your tree”, you could start to evaluate its package and label, choose the roast level and flavor type. As light and oxygen would destroy the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans, great coffee providers would choose sealed containers to keep coffee away from its enemy we’ve mentioned above. Also, there is much information about coffee. Besides, different roast levels and flavor types would bring different tastes. For example, French roast gives beans intense chocolate coloring; its flavor acquires pleasant bitterness and tartness.


If you just want to drink coffee anytime you want, think about your needs carefully and you could find a better way than put instant coffee into a coffee-maker. If you are a coffee lover, just choose the ground coffee and leverage your coffee-maker now.

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