Are there any tips before and after the sports

By January 2, 2023

Exercising is a good way to keep healthy, but remembering the tips before and after that can make the sports safer and more useful. Let’s have a look here.

are there any tips before and after the sports 1

Before the sports

Do not swallow down the whole bottle of water

You know that sports will take too much water away from our bodies, but if you swallow the whole bottle of it, you will feel sick and dizzy, and even have a cramp in the stomach. So the best way is to drink it little by little before sports. When you are thirsty during the exercise, you can take a sip.

are there any tips before and after the sports 2

Do not exercise with an empty stomach

Sports with an empty stomach is like a track without any loads driving on the road. So when you are taking in the carbohydrate, the body will turn it into fuel and your muscle will be more nervous. So even if you can not have some food because of the tight time, you can have some fruit to get prepared for the exercise.  

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Tips after the sports

Do not take a shower when you are still sweating

When you are sweating after the exercise, the capillaries around the body is in a state of dilatation to expel the heat generated from inside the body. If they are met with cold water, the dilatation will abruptly stop and turn to be a contraction. So the resistance ability against diseases of the body will decrease.   

are there any tips before and after the sports 4

No meals or smoking right after the sports

When exercising, the whole blood in our body will be redistributed to weaken the movements inside the stomach and all the digestion organs. So a meal right after sports cannot be well digested and it will cause a disorder in the digestion system and the functional system. The heart rate during the sports will be accelerated so a large amount of oxygen will be needed to sustain the sound function of the body. If you smoke after the exercises, the oxygen content in your lungs will be decreased greatly and you will feel sick and out of breath.

are there any tips before and after the sports 5

Remember those tips and keep them in mind before you are exercising or after it, and you will have fewer risks of catching such diseases or discomforts. Anyway, only scientific and regular sports can really do us good and make us have a stronger building of the body.  


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