4 tips to help you truly relax

By February 21, 2022

4 tips to help you truly relax -1

The stress of the pandemic has been a pain in everyone’s life, deeply affecting the way people work and unwind themselves. You may be surrounded by all kinds of negative news every day or worrying about all the uncertainties and the results they’ll bring. It’s nearly impossible to have a rest just for a moment, but luckily you’ll learn how to do it after reading these useful tips we list below.

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Make your joy list

It’s important to have a rest, but many people have no idea what to do to get fully relaxed. Besides, what is restful for some people may appear stressful for you. Think about what makes you pleasant, no matter it is shopping, napping, sitting for seconds, or taking a hot bath. Explore hobbies if you don’t have one, and record your feelings afterward. Just experiment and you’ll definitely find what really mellows you out.

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Focus on the present

Many people tend to think about the past or struggle with their work in the future, which makes them automatically triggered and stressed all the time. Take some time to bring yourself out of it. Just minutes of relaxation will help your body release hormones like endorphins and serotonin that offer you happiness and pleasure. You can achieve that by doing meditation or yoga, and when you do that, engage your senses, note what you feel, and channel your attention to your current mind.

Reduce time on social media

Time passes by so fast when you scroll through Facebook, Twitter and all other types of social media. However, researches show that the longer you spend time on social media, the higher level of stress you may have. Leave yourself a few hours of intentional relaxing time when you stay away from emails, text messages and everything that will distract you.

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Establish a ritual

One of the reasons why you are more easily to feel tired in the working-from-home mode is the blurry boundary between your work and life. You no longer need to leave the office and take a long commute to get back into rest mode, and your brain may also get confused when’s time to get fully relaxed. To fix this problem, you can set a ritual for yourself, for example, scheduling for tomorrow or simply taking a walk.

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