Tips to keep you warm in winter

By January 29, 2021

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Winter’s coming, which means you need to spend lots of time indoors. You could turn on the thermostat to make your home warm all day long, but you’ll end up getting surprised with your next heating bill. Actually, there are some tips, inexpensive and resourceful to help you warm up now!

Layer up

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Being dressed in layers is the best way to control your body temperature. The number of layers depends on how cold it is. If you are getting overheated inside, you can take measures to cool down at any time. For instance, open your collar or take off one or more layers.

Besides how much you wear, what you wear can also help you stay warm in winter. The best fabrics for warmth are wool, silk, flannel, and fleece. Silk and wool are both breathable that let you stay warm and dry at the same time. While as for flannel and fleece, don’t wear them directly as they don’t have a moisture-wicking function.

Seal leaks

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Sometimes the culprit of a cold room is the cold wind sneaking through the older single-pane windows or the unsealed door in your house. A quick solution is to roll up a spare towel and push it up against the bottom edge of the door or windows. This way, the warm air stays indoor, while the cold air is kept outdoor.

Use a humidifier

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Besides temperature, humidity also plays an important role in affecting how warm you feel. A 60°F room feels much colder than a 60°F room with 80% relative humidity. Make your room warmer by using a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Or boil a large pot of water and let the water vapor and moisturize the air. The moisture can also keep your skin softer all season long.

Stay active

If you feel cold, just get your body moving. When you exercise, you burn fat, build muscle, and break a sweat. What’s more, you get a higher body temperature thanks to your body’s metabolic response. There are many popular exercises like yoga, Pilates, and Zumba. You can also just do some cleaning indoors, such as getting the chores done. You’ll warm up as you move around.

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