The refrigerator needs your cleaning regularly

By November 8, 2019

The refrigerator needs your cleaning regularly-1

Have you ever noticed how many times you open the refrigerator and close it in one day? We close it after taking out cool coffee from it. We open it to put in vegetables and milk. But after a long time, one day when you open it again, you may find some awful odor coming right to you from your beloved refrigerator.

It is totally wrong if you think it is the cleanest place in the fridge as it always stays cool. Lower temperatures can surely slow down the reproduction speed of some bacteria. But it can not kill them.

There are some other bacteria that can not only survive in cold places but also continue to contaminate other food. So it is quite essential for you to clean the fridge regularly. You can do the cleaning work twice a month or at least once a month.

The refrigerator needs your cleaning regularly-2

Before the start of cleaning, the first thing you should do it to cut off the power. And check which has gone bad, or expired. Throw them all, including the food that has been put in over a month.

Wait for a little time until all the frost disappeared. In order to accelerate this process, you can put a bottle of hot water in the fridge or use some chemical defrost lotion to wipe out the frost. Do not use some sharp tools to scrape, to avoid damages to the fridge as well as to you.

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After the frost has gone, there will be left too much water residual. And now you can use some cloth or tissue to wipe it. If there is some milk or food residual, you can add some glycerin to clean. For the shelves in the fridge, you should take them out and wash them under running water. And put them back until they are dry.

You may also find the rubber seals around the door are covered with black dots and scrapes. And yes, you shall also clean them. It won’t take you too much time to finish. The cleaning work also includes the back of the fridge, where a lot of dust is collected to make it hard for the machine to dissipate the heat. You can choose to wipe with a cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

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Do the cleaning process according to the steps mentioned above. And then there is the last step to finish. That is to wipe the fridge with a dry cloth, from the inner space to the outside.  


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