Is it OK for your babies to walk barefoot?

By October 19, 2020

Many adults have ever had the wonderful experience of running barefoot in the grass or on the beach during childhood. It is such a symbol of freedom and innocence, but children nowadays barely have this fun. Parents tend to protect their babies perfectly and think that walking barefoot is bad for children’s health. Is it true?

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In fact, it is wearing shoes that cause many foot problems, such as flat-footedness and the feet tapering inward at the tip. Researchers have proved that early shoe usage may affect the development of a healthy arch, and shoes may teach children to walk incorrectly. On the contrary, going around without shoes not only do no harm to kids, but it is also clearly beneficial.

Develop the nerve system

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Feet is one of the parts that have the most nerve endings which can convey messages to other parts of the body, such as the brain. When playing barefoot, children are able to feel the dirt, rocks, leaves, and twigs beneath their feet. This way, it is quicker for them to adjust the actions accordingly and easier to enhance the control over their own bodies.

Strengthen muscles and ankles

Walking barefoot engages more of the feet’s arches, and asks for tighter cooperation between children’s feet and ankle. This, in turn, improves balance and posture and helps reduce stability problems in joints and risks of injury.

Neutralize free radicals

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When we touch the earth barefoot, we are actually exposing ourselves to the negative electrons. These electrons will offset the mass of positive electrons in our bodies, allowing us to achieve a natural balance. Besides, the absorption of negative electrons hinders the accumulation of free radicals, the key factor which is related to inflammation, including fatigue, poor sleep, and auto-immune disorders.

Connect with nature

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Without shoes, children become more aware of their surroundings: the crunching leaves, the soft grass, the sharp prickles, and much more. To avoid being hurt, they need to get more focused and take advantage of all senses. From this attention, they are able to develop an appreciation for the natural world they are walking through. And, is there anything else better than fully connecting with nature as a child?

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