How to Make Wine at Home

By November 25, 2022

Wine must have been drunk by many friends, and the taste is sweet and mellow. Now is a good time for enjoying grapes. Many people begin to make wine at home in order to preserve the grapes. So what is the method of making wine? After learning the following 7 steps, you can make your own wine at home.

How to Make Wine at Home1

Prepare materials

You should prepare grapes, crystal sugar (the ratio of grapes to crystal sugar is 3:1), glass jars (clean and dry for standby).

How to Make Wine at Home2

Step1: Select Grapes

If you want to make delicious wine, you must select the most suitable raw materials. The best choice for friends is to buy fresh grapes that have just come into the market in the summer season, not grapes that are off-season. Otherwise, the taste is very bad. Generally, purplish red ripe grapes are the most suitable.

How to Make Wine at Home3

Step2: Wash Grapes

The second step is to clean the grapes, which is also particularly important in the procedure of winemaking. Because the grape skin will leave pesticide and other harmful substances, it should be soaked in light salt water for about 10 minutes. Then rinse them with flowing water.

How to Make Wine at Home4

Step 3: Dry Grapes

Put the grapes into a leaky container and let them dry naturally. Prevent the water on the grape skin from being brought into the wine, which will affect the taste of the wine.

How to Make Wine at Home5

Step 4: Select Container

Generally, the transparent wide-mouth glass jar is the best. The condition of fermentation can be observed well. Never use plastic containers. Because the plastic container is likely to have some chemical reaction with the components in alcohol, releasing substances harmful to human health.

How to Make Wine at Home6

Step 5: Put Grapes into the Container(How to clean a wine decanter)

After the grapes are naturally dried, wash your hands and wear gloves, crushing the grapes one by one in the clean container. Be careful not to use iron tools, especially rusty ones. Then a layer of grapes and a layer of crystal sugar are put into the glass jar. Sealing for fermentation at the end. ( The glass jar can be covered with a black plastic bag. As the color of the wine will be better.)

How to Make Wine at Home7

Step6: Fermentation for Half a Month

The temperature is high in summer, so the fermentation time can be short, about a week. If you want to have a stronger taste, you can also choose to ferment for about ten days. In the low-temperature season in autumn, it takes about half a month for fermentation.

How to Make Wine at Home8

Step 7: Filtered then drinking

After the step of fermentation is completed, it can be filtered out for drinking. Pay attention to separating grape seeds, grape skins and fermented grape flesh. You should use a filter net. Before use, pay attention to disinfecting to avoid bringing bacteria into the wine.



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