How To Decant Wine Perfectly

By October 20, 2016

Hi there drunkards,today I’m gonna talk about wine decanting. I believe I’m not the only person who hates poorly decanted wine. So this article is about how to decant wine perfectly.


First of all,I’m going to talk about “why”. We all know we should decant expensive wine cause decanting makes the wine breathe and really brings out the fragrance. But why do we take time to decant cheap wines? The answer is sulphur. Only a few amount exist in the wine bottle but our nose are very sensitive about this gas. Remember to decant you wine before drink it’s not only  because of better taste but also better for your health. But still it won’t change the quality of the wine.


Then we move on to “how”. Actually decanting could be a flexible process which could last for 5 minutes to hours. Low tannin wine such Primitivo or Merlot shouldn’t be decanting too long(it also depends on young or old wine you’re having).

If you’re having high tannin wines like Nebbiolo,Cabernet Sauvignon or Chianti,try to decant them longer. This would greatly change their taste. For how long? I’d say 2 hours or maybe even longer. But is there some way to serve your wine sooner? Yes there it is!

  • Pour from one decanter to another for 2-3 times. Don’t go over about it,after all you want wine instead of soda
  • Drink young wine


If you still don’t know how to decant wine right,maybe you should follow the form below. Anyway,cheers!




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  1. I don’t drink wine

  2. We dont drink wine at home just ehen we go out for a meal

  3. I just pour wine from the bottle :)

  4. I usually just pore from the bottle

  5. I rarely decant as it usually goes from bottle to glass

  6. We usually decant our good red wines with beautiful glass decanters.

  7. I decant mine straight into the glass. I have less culture than a yogurt 😀

  8. We do not really drink but a lot of people use aerators & the time depends on the type

  9. I use an aerator because the results are the most amazing.

  10. I dont decant i just pourr and drinkkk!!

  11. I usually pour straight from the bottle to the glass. However, I occasionally decant wine in a glass decanter.

  12. I just pour it straight from the bottle.

  13. I generally pour my red wine in a decanter and allow to breath.

  14. wow

  15. An Aerator does the trick good!!

  16. This is the easiest way to pour, I love it!!

  17. I love using the aerator, but I am good with just pouring from bottle.

  18. I only drink wine when I go out dining for special occasions

  19. I usually pour red wine straight from the bottle and find it is perfectly good this way.

  20. I do not drink wine often, let alone decant any. Maybe I have a project or an excuse to drink!

  21. I decant my Red Wine directly from the bottle with a Rabbit Aerating Pourer.

  22. I hardly ever decant wine because we open a bottle an hour beforehand and warm it up but, for special occasions like a dinner party or for Christmas, it is put into a decanter, rather like the one at the top of your page here, and it stays there for 30 mins beforehand.

  23. I dont drink im 20 but have a spirit of a 15 year old

  24. I always decant my red wine.

  25. I’ve never decanted red wine because I don’t drink it. Red wine gives me a terrible headache for some reason.

  26. I remove cork, pour in glass and drink….lol

  27. I’m not much of a drinker, but when I do, it is usually white wine…

  28. An Aerator does the trick good!!

  29. … oh dear… I give tea greater care than my wine. Open the bottle of red, let it breath and then drink! My parents take great care in using a decanter, I’ve always been impressed by it.

  30. Thanks for the tip, im an avid wine enthusiast and i will take this new aerator on with me everywhere i go in the world, thanks.

  31. I’ve had both a decanter and an instant aerator and I must say that there is something quite beautiful about a classic decanter. Although the instant aerator does quite effectively do the job and is my first choice when I’m going for a glass “right now” my choice when serving a party will always be a decanter.

  32. I use an instant aerator, and it makes a big difference!

  33. in a decsnter and allow to breath i believe is the correct way

  34. I have a decanter but rarely have used it!

  35. I love and use an instant aerator, it’s great, they range from $16-$80. There are some above that but I am not convinced they are worth the asking price.

  36. This is the first I’ve heard of decanting wine. I didn’t know such a process existed! I don’t drink wine anymore as I’m an alcoholic, but I’ve shared this article so my wine drinking friends get the info.

  37. I do not decant wine but l do allow the wine to breath for awhile.

  38. I know absolutely nothing about wines. I wish I did, but i rarely drink.

  39. I use an instant aerator.

  40. Ive just read something I didn’t know! I never decant wine. I actually preferred white wine up until about 3 years ago and now I only drink red! Great article

  41. We don’t decant – just pour straight from the bottle.

  42. I have never put my wine in a decanter. At least I know how to now.

  43. cool, i did not realize this could make such a difference

  44. My decanter is stuck!

  45. I put it in a mason jar

  46. I use Haley’s aerator cap

  47. Honestly,i don’t drink alcohol but i suggest this Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator.

  48. I don’t own a decanter so i’m afraid it’s straight from the bottle X

  49. LOOks good!

  50. I dont drink red wine but after reading this i may start

  51. Having champagne is a good idea, but now the champagne / glass makers want us to change the style of wine glass we use. No more flutes. Perhaps, the new shape is better, but then again, it is truly better for the glass makers pocket book.

  52. I use Haley’s aerator cap

  53. I prefer white, but this is helpful for the wine connoisseurs in my family 😉

  54. This is great info. Thank You. My hubby and I just made 30 bottles but I have never known about decantering but I will do it now. Thank You.

  55. I don’t decant my wine, just pour straight from the glass.

  56. I use a few pretty decanters for red wine :)

  57. 2 hours ! Who Knew !