How often should you change your undergarments

By March 4, 2022

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Your undergarments are the closest to your skin and they are used on a daily basis. In order for them to well fit your body, and to prevent you from any possible health risks, you should buy new undergarments after some time. But how often should you change them?

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Health problems of wearing old undergarments

Undergarments don’t have an expiration date, but that doesn’t mean you can use them forever. Generally, your bra or underwear has a lifespan ranging from 6 months to 1 year, based on a series of factors like how many you own, how often and how you wash them, your length of wear etc. If you start to notice obvious wear and tear or the undergarments don’t fit at all, you may have to consider buying a new one. If you insist on using them, you may suffer health problems. For example, the frayed fabrics might cause skin irritation, while the moisture will be easier to stick to the undergarments, increasing the risk of infections.

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When to change your undergarments


It’s tempting to use your bras for a long period of time, for they’re the most expensive. However, experts say that you’d better change your bras once you find some clear signs. Check if the cups of your bras are losing their shape if they’re frayed fabrics if the band or straps gets loose or the underwires are popping out. To extend the lifespan of your bras, consider buying more bras for rotation. Wash them by hand instead of in the machine, and avoid putting them into the dryer.

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The principle applies to your underwear, too. That is, the more you have, the longer they last. After your underwear has been used more than half a year, you’ll notice loose fabrics and even unraveling threads, which is a sign that you should replace them. To prevent yourself from frequently replacing frayed underwear, pay special care to the washing procedures. Follow the wash instructions on the label, and wash by hand if it is made of delicate materials, such as silk. Add products that can kill germs and bleach if it is white cotton underwear. For further disinfection, put them in the dryer after washing or simply dry them in the sun.

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