How do you keep your house organized

By March 27, 2020

In modern life, Heavy working makes us stressful and there is no other time or energy to clean or organize the house. Plus, the modern home is far bigger and far more cluttered! Daily cleaning is kind of troublesome. Nevertheless, mastering some hacks to organize a room is a must for us.

How do you keep your house organized2

Organize your belongings

The only reason that the house looks messy is the stuff scattering all over the room. They are everywhere on your floor, desk, bed. The best way is to pack them with storage boxes. Firstly, you should collect the stuff in the closet, on the desk or any other place in the house. Make different space to put these stuff and throw out of the unvalued things to the garbage can. Next, you can sort of the remain things with labels on the storage boxes. The labels should contain Keep, Store, and Give or Sell. Keep means that the items are used frequently in your daily life. The keep boxes should be put somewhere you can touch easily in your room, putting in the closet for cloth. Items that you rarely use is bound to put in the Store boxes placing under the bed or above the closet. There is other stuff that can be given to others, dealing with them immediately. As you want to earn a little bit of money by something that is pre-loved and valuable, you can sell the old stuff on eBay and Amazon.

How do you keep your house organized1

Make it a habit to organize

We need a bigger space to have relaxed, especially there are a couple of people living together. Organize the house orderly to enjoy a cozy life. You need to maintain the status with 3-5 minutes or cultivate a conscious to get the stuff back.  Maintaining is not a complex thing, just keep it in mind. After you having lunch before your bed, put everything into the boxes or where they should be. It is a simple behavior but makes a big change.

How do you keep your house organized4


In my opinion, the storage box is the most helpful tool to reduce clutter. Here are some of the boxes you can use: Baskets, fabric bin, plastic storage drawers, plastic stacking pantry bins, shoe boxes, SKUBB boxes for drawer organization and so on. Collecting these things is one of my favorite things! I hope it helps for you.

  How do you keep your house organized3 

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