Have you ever heard about the calculus of our teeth

By July 18, 2022

When we talk about calculus, we always think of the one in our kidney or gall bladder. The kidney calculus is infamous because of its second-to-none ability to torture patients. And now there is another one called teeth calculus or tartar, it is not so well known to us because we will not feel it in our mouth as it does not produce any sense of hurt. Now let us have a look at it and find out what on earth it is.

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The same name makes you cry twice.

Calculus is a borrowed word from English, which means a little tiny stone. This is a rather effective description as calculus is really a little stone in our body system.

Why do I say it makes you cry twice? Yes, you got it. It is the name for the subject called Calculus which you have to take during the university but it is hard to pass the exam.

But the question is how our teeth develop such illness.

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Let us make an explanation in another way. If you have a look at your pot which has been used for a long time, you will see a layer of white dirt on the inner wall. That is the crystallization of water. So will our teeth. If there are materials that are too high in the content on our teeth, the calculus will form as a result.

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There is no exception for people to have ordinary nutrition to sustain lives including carbon hydrate and protein. When we are chewing, we are producing the salivation to digest that nutrition. Plus with the bacteria and the fallen oral mucous cells, the well-made crystallization will become a roll of calculus clinging to the teeth.

You might ask if it is inescapable for every one of us to have such calculus. This is the same question as the calculus in our kidneys. If the baby does drink not enough water and the saliva will be of high intensity, there will be a higher risk of having the calculus in the mouth. So does the man who is smoking.

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Different from the kidney calculus, the teeth calculus is not in the shape of a round ball. Instead, it is more likely to be a thin layer of water dirt, or in the shape of slices or features. They are apt to be found clinging tightly to the teeth or the space between teeth, which leads to a low risk of being found or sensed.   

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