Halloween Giveaway: Halloween DIY Ideas of Glass Pitcher

By October 12, 2016

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Halloween is approaching. What are your unique ideas of Halloween home decors? Actually, wine bottles, water bottles and pitchers are the perfect canvas for decorating and fun vessels for letting your creative juices flow. Now, let’s decorate the Halloween with the glass pitcher.

Ecooe Halloween Giveaway

Halloween Poison Bottles

Wash and dry your bottles and pitchers, and then attach poison labels to the bottles. You can put some skull in the glass pitcher.

Halloween Poison Bottles

Halloween Skeleton Hand Pitcher

Extremely easy, first spray paint the bottle white. And then attach the skeleton hand to the glass pitcher.

Halloween skeleton hand pitcher

Halloween Head in a Pitcher

This looks really horrible, yet it is also easy to make. You can look the YouTube video on how to do this.

head in pitcher

Halloween Pitcher JACK-O-LANTERNS

First you need buy the sticker of a jack-o-lantern face, or you can make it by yourself. Then attach the face to the pitcher and fill the pitcher with an orange drink to complete your Halloween pitcher.

Halloween pitcher

Now, let’s start to decorate our Halloween. And here to celebrate Halloween, Ecooe offers a giveaway of its glass pitcher. Don’t hesitate; just do the following entries to win the glass pitcher.

Halloween Giveaway of Ecooe Glass Pitcher

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  1. We will give out candy and then my grandchildren make this their last stop and we have hot dogs! Fun Times!

  2. Take the little one to a much nicer area to get the good candy, then come home and steal it all from her.

  3. im going to a party

  4. Will be celebrating with pumpkin soup followed by pumpkin pie!

  5. We are going to Colchester Zoo

  6. We’ll just stay in and watch scary movies

  7. Go trick or treating with the grandchildren

  8. Going to a party should be fun

  9. Nothing – it’s yet another terrible American import

  10. I’ll be at work… but on the Saturday before Halloween I’ll be having fun at Wizarding Weekend in Ithaca, NY – a Harry Potter themed event.

  11. Take my boy trick or treating

  12. I’ve been invited to a party!

  13. we have done the zombie walk, we are vising Halloween houses and we are so exited for Halloween :)

  14. I’ll be spending time with my niece who thinks she’s a vampire.

  15. Providing drinks and Halloween goodies for all who dare to knock at my door!

  16. I take my kids around the neighborhood for trick or treating on Halloween. They still love this activity!

  17. We like to carve pumpkins.

  18. We love giving out sweets to lots of little monsters

  19. Me and the boyf are going to the cinema to see Ouija ?

  20. just gonna pass out candy

  21. I will do my favorite thing this Halloween. Pass out candy!! When my son was young, I loved taking him out around the neighborhood. Now I like to put on a fun hat, pass out candy and visit with the little kids. We do not get as many visitors as we used to so they all get handfuls of candy and treats.

  22. As we live in the middle of nowhere we will be having a traditional halloween party for the kids.

  23. My kids are really excited for Halloween and we will be carving some pumpkins, making candy apples, scaring some of their friends, and more! This is a very lovely giveaway you are doing. I plan to put this pitcher to good use if I win it! Good Luck to everyone and Thank you for the contest.

  24. That lovely glass picture is just what I need for my infused water. Would love to win it.

  25. Yes I dress up just to give candy out

  26. We will be taking the kids to a Halloween party and then return home to hand out candy to trick or treaters.

  27. We carve a pumpkin with a scary face, put a lighted tea light inside it and put it on top of our gatepost. We play an old CD of scary noises through a speaker near our front door, and then await trick or treaters.

  28. I will enjoy seeing everyone’s decorations

  29. We will carve out a pumpkin and make our own toffee apples and then watch a scary movie

  30. Halloween is not celebrated in this part of the world but it must be super fun to be able to.

  31. Dressing up to answer the door to trick or treaters!

  32. Looks good

  33. I just do the traditional Halloween stuff – a few decorations and handing out candy.

  34. Hand out treats

  35. I am going to be dressing up with co-workers and handing out candy to the kiddes

  36. I like the different containers…cool for Halloween.

  37. I will be handing out treats dressed as an M&M

  38. I decorate inside and outside. Also, my Husband and I dress in a costume for the kids.

  39. I’ll be dressing up and going to a house party with plenty of Halloween themed food.

  40. We may go to my Mom’s church to help pass out candy.

  41. Good Golly Miss Molly. I luv giving candles to kids & especially dogs in costumes visiting.

  42. I’ll watch lots of scary movies!

  43. I really do not plan on doing much this Halloween.

  44. We are going to a party

  45. I will be handing out candy to the little trick or treaters, for the parents maybe something to drink!

  46. I drink coffee in the morning

  47. We dont celebrate Halloween in Cyprus but if we did probably go to a dress up party with my wife and drink some nice alcoholic fruit puch and have a bbq

  48. Staying home to give out candy.

  49. I will stay home and pass out candy!

  50. Eat lots of candy!

  51. Every year we hand out candy at our local Volunteer Fire Department.
    My husband is a volunteer,
    Thanks so very much for sharing.

  52. nice prize

  53. Stay in and cuddle up by the fire

  54. Going to celebrate halloween by taking my daughter trick or treating then going to a halloween party :-)

  55. I was a long time diet pop drinker and I had to give it up because I was having horrible everyday migraines. I switched to water and it has helped out a lot.

  56. I will decorate my house with spooky decorations, go to a Halloween firework show.

  57. I’m dressing up as plusie from pokemon with my cousin!!

  58. I’ll decorate the front of the house but I live off the main road and rarely get a trick or treater. I bought my puppy a Halloween costume and plan to carve a big pumpkin!

  59. Sit at home and hand out candy. In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!

  60. We live on one of the few streets in out small town that has sidewalks. We will get a hundred trick or treaters. I love to see all the adorable kids!

  61. I’ll dress up my dogs in silly costumes and go watch the trick or treaters in town.

  62. We always celebrate Halloween by trick or treating and going to Halloween parties.

  63. I hand out candy and ooh and aaah over the little goblina

  64. We’ve got a big family Halloween party to go to at the in-law’s house. I actually can’t wait, as I love Halloween!

  65. I don’t do anything but the grandchildren have pumpkins and get dressed up

  66. I normally take my son to the houses on our block, and then stay home and pass out candy while my girlfriend takes him around the rest of the neighborhood trick-or-treating.

  67. I have three kids, ages 7, 3, and 2, so we will be dressing up and Trick Or Treating in our neighborhood. :)

  68. We’re going to a halloween party, big bonfire, lots of goblins and scary times!

  69. I will be handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

  70. tea counts

  71. I’m taking my children trick or treating!