Can mother after pregnancy period lose weight?

By October 23, 2020

You might be in a predicament of putting on too much weight after ten months of pregnancy. As most people do, mothers are worried that they will be out of shape and the most regularly mentioned topic they are talking about is losing weight. But what troubles them most is whether or not they can try to lose weight when they are breastfeeding. If so, will the mother’s milk be influenced? And this is what we are talking about today.

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The lactation period is the golden time to lose weight.
As a matter of fact, the period of breastfeeding is also another time to consume a mother’s energy. Starting from the birthday of the baby to the next 6 months, the mother will lose 500kcal calories by breastfeeding, which means a 56 kg-lady does high-intensity aerobics in the gym for an hour or jogs for an hour or does yoga for two hours or does housework for three hours. Even though there is no absorption of calories, the mothers in breastfeeding time can also lose 1-4 pounds. So this time has also bestowed the name of lying down to lose weight.

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But do not take it for granted that you will not put on weight anyway. As we all know that the more calories you take in, the bigger chance that you will be heavier.

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So the golden rule to lose weight is to eat less. And the worries the less taking-in diet will influence the quality of the mother milk seems to be nothing according to a series of researches.

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The research went into three groups: diet controlling, diet controlling with exercise and regular diet group. After 11 days, the group of diet controlling loses an average weight of 1.9 kg. However, their breast milk secretion and its nutrition are similar to the regular group, so is the weight increase of the babies. What’s more, after a longer period of another 10 weeks of research, the result also remains the same.

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Is breast milk affected by doing sports? NO. You can do aerobatic sports 6-8 weeks after the baby is born, like jogging and walking out. If you had a cesarean section when delivering the baby, you can increase your exercise intensity gradually according to your actual conditions. After a period of intensified anaerobic exercise, the amount of lactobacillus will be augmented greatly, but it will be metabolized in a short period of time. If you want to do exercise, you can choose to breastfeed before it.

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