Best ways to DIY Your Lemon Drinks at Home

By July 22, 2019

Summer is coming. The sun is shining above your head. You may want to get rid of being suntanned. So a cup of lemon drink can be the best choice. DIY at home makes it no more a dream for you to enjoy it at home.

How to DIY Your Lemon Drinks at Home 1
First of all, you need to buy good lemons. Try to select the ones with gloss on the surface skin, which is fresher and will deliver a better taste in the drinks.

Then, wash it thoroughly and dry it before putting into the fridge to freeze. The frozen time in the fridge should be 2 hours. If it is too short, the lemon can’t be well frozen, or if the time is too long, the lemon will be over frozen, which will make it hard to cut.

How to DIY Your Lemon Drinks at Home 2

Cut the lemon on a fruit slab into slices. A lemon can be cut into 15-20 slices and the whole cutting process should be as fast as possible. Then put all the slices into an air-tight container and cover the container up.

Tips: Do not peel the lemon as its skin has much more flavonoids and essential oil than the pulp. When you drink the lemon juice, you can found it a little bitter. That is because the flavonoid is well mixed in the water. Try to cut the slice as thin as possible as a thinner one will be able to release the lemon aroma as much as possible.

How to DIY Your Lemon Drinks at Home 3

Finally, put the container into the fridge to keep and store. When making a lemon tea, if you use double wall cups, you’d better pick out half a piece. If you use kettles, 1 to 2 pieces are enough. You can also add honey or sugar to enhance the taste.

How to DIY Your Lemon Drinks at Home 4

Do not use too hot water to rinse the lemon pieces, or the taste and nutrition will be damaged. In this way, you can enjoy tasteful lemon tea for at least half a month.

How to DIY Your Lemon Drinks at Home 5

You can make your lemon drinks with hot water of temperature over 60 centigrade. Because the VC has a good heat resistance property in the acidic condition. And the aroma can be well dispersed in such a hot condition. If tasting the hot lemon drinks, you may shiver by how sour the taste could be. Then you can wait until it turns to be cool.

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