Best Home Coffee Grinder 2018

By November 27, 2018


Pre-ground coffee indeed has its convenient use, but as days move on, you may miss many original flavors created by fresh coffee. And that is why many people buy coffee grinder. When talking about the best home coffee grinder 2018, the first thing we need to know is how to choose a good coffee grinder.

How to choose a good grinder?


                       Blade grinder                                                            burr grinders

When choosing a grinder, we will naturally think about several factors such as size, number of grind settings, dosing options, speed of grinding, price….apart from these common sense knowledge, we still need to know other things.

There are generally two kinds of grinders in the market—blade grinders and burr grinders and each has its pros. A blade grinder uses its blade to slice the coffee beans while a burr grinder crushes them. Compared with blade grinders, burr grinders are more common in the market for its special consistency and precision, that is to say, a burr grinder is able to produce finer grinds. But at the same time, it is pricier and consumes more energy as well. One of the cons of blade grinder is that you can control the size of grind by timing. A longer grind time always accompany with finer grind, which enables you to freely control the size of grind. But for some highly-fine-demand coffees like Turkish coffee or espresso, it is hard to reach to that degree.

Also, for burr grinders, we would like to introduce two materials: steel and ceramic. To define which one is better is controversial but their main difference lies in thermal conductivity. Steel performs better than ceramic, which means that the burrs will heat up and cool down quicker. On the contrary, ceramic burrs have a lower thermal conductivity and will take longer for them to heat up and cool down as well. So if you want to keep the coffee warm for a longer time, ceramic burr can fit your need. Ceramic is also competitive in its longer life span. Yet when use a ceramic one you should avoid accidents more carefully, for they are easy to break down when stones dropped in. That is why many coffee shops prefer steel rather than ceramic.

Best Home Coffee Grinder 2018

Ecooe Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder


Ecooe generally captured a five star customer review with its outstanding performance. A ceramic burr as it is, it is expected to produce a uniform and even grind, making the filtration easy and perfect. Except for the good hot&cool maintenance feature it has, the manual design also brings us convenience in brewing different flavors of coffee by grinding your coffee beans either coarse or fine.

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