Are smokers really happier?

By December 28, 2020

I am always curious whether smoking really makes you happier? After I tried to take a whiff of the cigarette, I’m choking. I can’t feel pleasure. On the other side, when people experienced something sad, they usually smoke to get rid of the suffering. What does happiness have to do with smoking?

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How does Nicotine affect mood?

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A cigarette contains about 12 mg of Nicotine,and Nicotine is known to briefly elevate mood. Nicotine can decrease anger, stress, relaxes muscles, and reduces appetite. As you are smoking, the Nicotine is inhaled. It will release the hormone dopamine and epinephrine which stimulates the body and cause your body pressure and heart rate to increase. That is why you feel relaxed after smoking. But, if you are a newbie to smoking, it is hard to enjoy the pleasure. In contrast, you are inclined to feel nausea, dizziness, headache, or upset. As you smoke once again and again, you are used to the odor. In that respect, the old smokers are more likely to be happier when smoking. Happiness has something much with smoking, however, every coin has two sides.

Are smokers happier than non-smokers?

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In fact, some people who smoke usually are depressed or less happy, smoking is just like a medicine to cure them, which keeps them in a normal mental status not happier. And the relaxation is temporary. So, smokers are not happier than non-smokers. Here is another truth is that depression and smoking often go hand in hand. When you are asked to quit smoking, you will suffer much pain. Nicotine damages certain pathways in the brain that regulate mood. As a result, nicotine may trigger mood swings. Smoking won’t let you happier in a long term. Non-smokers behavior more happily than smokers, because most of them have healthy physical and psychological.

How to stop Nicotine withdrawal?

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According to the research reported, Ex-smokers who have stopped for a year or more are happier than current smokers and similar to never smokers. If you want to keep a healthier and happier life, Quit smoking is a tough task you need to achieve. After quitting smoking for a couple of days or weeks, you would experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms. During the time, you will feel feeling down and trouble concentrating, and have strong cravings for cigarettes. The best way to overcome it is to use nicotine replacement therapy. You can choose sugar-free gum, lozenges, or the patch, inhalers and nasal sprays, and so on. Remember that your thought is powerful. When you have the self-defeating thought, Replace thoughts of I can’t with statements of I can and I am. Give yourself positive cues. You must insist on about 4 weeks for that. After you get through it, that is easy to get rid of the nicotine addiction gradually.

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