Special Valentines Gift Ideas 2019

By April 17, 2019

Special Valentines Gift Ideas 2019 1

My friend once told me a story about a casual move that moved someone. The husband found the bath lily his wife use was kind of wears out, so he bought a new one and replaced the broken one when he went to the supermarket that day. And his wife was so touched and gave him a big hug. As women are always thinking for the whole family and hardly have time to take care of themselves, so the minor move really touches her. And this story gives me so much inspiration to reflect the way we think about sending gifts.

We all need a ritual of ceremony to break the routine rhythm of our life sometimes. And some say that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated everyday — love should never be simply included to a single day. For those who are married many years and seldom express their love for their beloved ones, the day appears to be a good excuse. And here are some special but not extravagant Valentine gift ideas, if you are the type that hardly expresses your love often. 


Do something for her or him

Special Valentines Gift Ideas 2019 3

Just spend one single day to observe and to observe with your heart. For husband, these are the thread you can follow. Take the cleaning chores for this single day. Your wife must still feel happy when she recalls the day you wear an apron. Or just help her to wear a necklace like in the movie and compliment her with single words. For wives, help your husband shave his beard today, and tell him he is still hot in your eyes even if he becomes old.


Buy something for her or him

Special Valentines Gift Ideas 2019 2

The gift does not need to be expensive or special, but the one she or he just need. Have you noticed the dishwasher is broken so she has to wash those dishes by hand? Then just repair the dishwasher is a warm move. She will be touched not only for repairing the dishwasher, but the truth that you noticed. Have you noticed your husband’s razor sounds retired? Buy him a new one with the same brand. You may ask, what about flowers? Flowers can’t be wrong at any time, but not so practical, unless she is the one who really loves flower.


Take her or him to some places she or he wanted to go

Special Valentines Gift Ideas 2019 4

Does she mention some restaurant few times in your conversation? Tell her to dress up and just take her to. Does he talk the video games a lot? And you think he never grows up? This time, take him to the video games exhibition, to let him be a big boy for that day. Man never grows up.

We are not saying flowers or chocolates are not good gift, but gifts that they need is that you do care about him or her. And if the gift plays a little more into his interests and her heart, this is the special Valentine’s Day gift for her or him. Take the move this year, and see how she or he take the gift you give. And share us your secret gift ideas down the comment.

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