About Us

People are busy making things and abandoning things. Yet we stick to supply homewares that can stand the test of time.

Its simple and stylish looks complements all kinds of decors. Its material is excellent that copes with incredible challenges. Every detail is finetuned to solve the problems you've experienced and you may encounter. You can feel the convenience and joy it brings every time you use it.

We never brag about changing your life, but we do with passion to make changes that add to a fun home life.


Waking up a fresh morning or idling away a lazy afternoon, a pot of coffee completes that in couple of minutes at home. Enjoy these moments now and for a lifetime.


There is always a reason to brew with teapots. Get yourself a pot of tea and forget yourself in reading, or make a cup of tea for friend with some desserts.


Not only the taste, but also the serving and preserving are noticeable. Indulge yourself of the moment or enjoy the clink of glasses.


Cooking can also be delightful. The Ecooe kitchenware makes the whole process a lot merrier with all its loving details.


Whether for hot water, cold water, lemonade or jasmine tea, we finally are able to provide functional water bottles that based on different drinking habits and needs.