Will you catch a cold when you feel cold?

By April 16, 2021

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 Most people grow up with their parents warning that going outside without a coat on cold days would make you sick, but is it really scientifically supported? Actually, feeling cold won’t make you catch a cold, it just makes you more fragile to viruses and flu.  

Tougher virus

In colder temperatures, the virus tends to be more infectious and last longer. So if you run out on cold days, you are more likely to get in touch with infectious viruses. And this is why more people get affected by Rhinovirus in autumn, the culprit of common cold, and flu mainly in late winter and spring.

Dry air

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It is found that not only cold weather will activate viruses, but dry air can also make people more prone to get a cold. When lack moistness, that means the mucous membranes in your nose get dehydrated, which makes you more susceptible to infection. Therefore, it makes a difference if you wear a mask and a scarf.

Immune system

In winter, the sun is lower in the sky, and people tend to stay at home to avoid cold. This way, people seldom have the chance to acquire vitamin D from sunlight, which we all know, is an important nutrient content that helps maintain our immune system.

Close contact indoor

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The culprit of getting a cold is a virus, so when you stay indoors with people, you are more likely to have close contact with those who might have been conveying viruses.

What to do with cold weather

Still, the core to stay away from cold is: avoid virus and build up the immune system. To avoid viruses as possible as we can, it is necessary to wash your hands and not to touch your face, especially your nose, eyes, and mouth. Disinfect your house regularly, and if possible, get a flu vaccine.

To have a stronger immune system to fight against infection, exercise in moderation, such as walking and yoga. As for diet, it’s important to have different kinds of food, including green vegetables, milk, eggs, and those high in vitamin D.

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In conclusion, being exposed to cold weather will not cause us to get infected, but the chance of developing a cold or flu does increase. And if you have a runny nose after staying outside in cold winter, don’t worry, that may be just the normal reaction of your body. Get back to the house for some warm, and that will go away immediately.

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