Why You Always Feel Hungry?

By March 16, 2020

Why You Always Feel Hungry1

Everyone has ever experienced the pain of hunger and happiness after filling the stomach with tasty food. But sometimes it sounds strange to say that you are always feeling hungry – since you don’t have any tapeworm, and you are not on diet. Believe it or not, there are some reasons both behavioral and psychological that will lead to your cravings for food and now let’s check it out for you.

Why You Always Feel Hungry2

The most common scene may be that you are eating too much because of depression or stress. When you are meeting a deadline or you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, a piece of chips or a chocolate stick seems to be the final soothing stuff. However, if you are stressed out all the time, the cortisol hormone levels will remain high, which as a result brings more hunger hormones and higher blood sugar levels. That is to say, you will be more likely to get hungry and suffer from diabetes.

Why You Always Feel Hungry3

If it is not psychological reasons, you are probably having one of the following bad eating habits. For instance, skipping breakfast makes you eat more during the daytime. A regular healthy breakfast, on the contrary, can fight off cravings and increase satiety at meals. Other cases include waiting too long between meals, eating while distracted, drinking not enough water and more. Having one such problem occasionally will not influence your life, but it is worth attending if you find yourself doing these over a long period of time.

Why You Always Feel Hungry4

Having listed the unhealthy lifestyle habits, some people might begin to live a more self-disciplined life. But wait, do remember not to go too far. Similar to weakness and hunger dieting brings, too much or intense exercise will also lead to cravings for more calorie intake. As for daily eating, even if you are following a regular and balanced diet, you may still end at feeling hungry all the time. It is because what you eat is mostly refined carbs which is easy to digest and thus causes hunger very soon. To reduce refined carbs intake, simply try more vegetables, fruit, legumes, and other whole grains instead of white bread, pasta, candy, baked goods and other foods made of processed sugars.

Why You Always Feel Hungry5

Excessive hunger is a sign that your body needs more food. Its culprit is often the fluctuation of your hunger hormones which reacts fast to any unhealthy eating or life behaviors. Your hunger may indicate that you are indeed eating less than needed. If you feel hungry frequently, on the flip side, assessing your lifestyle may help you determine what you can do to make you feel full again.


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