Why Should You Avoid Drinking Water Immediately After Meals

By August 1, 2017

We have been taught many times not to drink water while eating since we were little kids with limited cognition of healthy drinking habits. 

It is because that the natural time for food to digest in your stomach will be affected. And thus you are easier to get hungry for increased digestion speed. Does it turn out to be the same outcome when it comes to drinking water immediately after meals? And why should you avoid it?

Yes! It is completely necessary for you to keep intervals for drinking water after meals. Let’s take a look at its reasons.

Avoid Drinking Water Immediately After Meals

The consequential result when consuming water right after meals

The food we eat goes down to the Epigastium in our body first, where it stimulates the digestive fire to decompose our food at once. When you drink large amounts of water immediately after eating, the digestive fire which maintains active and helps to digest food under normal condition will be diluted. This in turn hampers the digestion process, harming your body by producing some poisonous substances.

What are the poisons brought out into our body and how to reduce them?

1. Uric acid

With slow digestion, uric acid levels are to be increasing accordingly. This comes down to pain in the swelled joints, such as ankles, shoulder, knee and feet.

2. LDL cholesterol

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels are increased as well. As a result, blockage exists in the blood vessel and the blood flowing through veins of heart are not as smooth as before. In the end, it may lead to heart attack due to the accumulated blood pressure.


If it is in the level of very low-density lipoproteins, it turns out to be more risky to people’s life. Therefore, you should avoid drinking water immediately after meals and keep away from some undesirable disease. (By the way, drinking water immediately after exercising is also not a good idea.)

Avoid Drinking Water Immediately After Meals

Still there are some other damage resulting from drinking water immediately after meals. Because of the affected process of digestion, some undigested food remained in your body can convert into fat, leading an increase in your body weight in the long term. In addition, the increased content of insulin may cause diabetes and obesity.

From the potential risks for drinking water immediately after meals above, it would be better to follow right drinking habits. You may like to know the right time to drink water and the right amount to drink water. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink water after eating, just keep a gap for about 30 minutes and let the food digest naturally in your stomach. (Also, do exercise or take shower for about 30 -4o minutes after meals.)

Hope the passage gives you some advisable information on the reasons to avoid drinking water right after eating, if you have any question or perspectives, please edit in the comment box below.

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