Why is red wine glass bigger?

By May 9, 2018

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Red wine glasses are ballooning through centuries.

Researchers in European countries have traced the growth of red wine glasses from the 1700s to the 2000s and it turns out to be a dramatic change. The result shows that red wine glasses are even seven times bigger than its original use. Why red wine glass gets bigger? Do red wine glasses shape from other types of wine glasses, or in opposite way, have effect on its counterparts? Actually, there are 3 elements related to make a difference. Let’s move on to the world of red wine and have a panorama of its history.

1# Social background

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We see wine glasses with different sizes and shapes used at wine stores, serving for different types of wine. It is, however, not available for people of all ranks before the 20th century. Generally used by the nobility and royalty, red wine drinking should be in consistency to their social practice and etiquette and thus red wine glass capacity goes up 70-75ml on average. Red wine become prevalent before long and marks the trend of wine drinking. It then gains great popularity like beer and spirits, ballooning gradually from 100ml to 450ml currently.

2# Emphasis on red wine drinking styles

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Red wine makes itself known in terms of the aromas and flavors. To maximize good red wine tasting experience, choose proper wine glasses can be of great importance. Once opening the red wine bottle, the rate of oxidization is increased immediately. The bigger the surface areas are exposed, the more components and aromas released will enter into your nose. Light-bodied red wine tastes better when served with wider red wine glasses. If you prefer full-bodied red wine, choose a red wine glass with a taller body which keeps the flavors longer.

3# For pleasure

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Red wine has become a great part of our life. We drink it at our family gathering, booze it up as after-work relax, and select and package it as a pleasant festive present. The changes in size from original 70 ml to maximal 450 ml in the 2000s represent the tendency of wine drinking towards entertainment and diversity. And there are variations that white wine and some brandy beer are served into red wine glasses to the customers. The increase in size of red wine glasses has made a broader and better choice than what it used to be.

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Although it appears to be a happy ending when it comes to bigger red wine glasses, you should not neglect the daily alcohol consumption. Larger capacity is more likely to bring larger drinking and larger meals, which may lead to weight-related health problems. Have a moderate red wine consumption makes you a fresh mood, an efficient digestion, and a better habit of life.

No matter what size red wine glasses will be, keeping on getting bigger or returning to smaller as before, it is more of a choice full of art and fun.

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