Why Does Coffee Make Me Poop Right Away

By July 22, 2017

Except from the stimulant properties caused by the caffeine existence, coffee may have a magic effect on your poop habits. It boosts the need for defecation when you have sipped a cup of coffee. Or maybe even you haven’t finished consuming it. Why does coffee make me poop? And how does it happen?

Here shows you two sources for the likely reasons to make you poop after drinking your morning cup.

  • Source 1: Why Does Coffee Makes Me Poop

Why Does Coffee Make Me Poop Right Away

Main reason: increased movement in distal colon

Study in 1990 have concluded that 29% of participants do poop after drinking coffee for more than 30 minutes and others have an urgent need to poop. The key point is that the people also have been checked out with increased movement in distal colon.

However, you should notice that not everyone who drink certain amounts of coffee daily are subject to frequent need to defecate after then and go to the bathroom many times, actually, only three or four out of ten.

From a study carried out related to the topic; here is a chart for the proportion difference in gender on the need to poop after drinking coffee.

Gender Proportion
Men Around 19%
Women Around 53%

It is obvious that the effect works better on women for more need to poop after drinking a cup of coffee than that of men.

  • Source 2: Why Does Coffee Makes Me Poop

Why Does Coffee Make Me Poop Right Away

Main reason: contractions

When you drink coffee, it promotes the process of releasing gastrin and consequently your stomach are to be contracted to increase motor activities, which in turn stimulates the bile excretion. This propels what you have eaten inside down and out. Then you have the need because the movement of the gastrin and intestinal tract may cause you to get released.

Still there are some other explanations contradicted the topic.

  • Example 1

Coffee is known as a diuretic for quite a long time. But it can make you dehydrated when consumed too much and thus give birth to constipation. You’d better determine the optimal quantity to make a balanced condition for your body. In addition, its function of diuretic has been questioned by some scientific researched carried out recently.

  • Example 2

Decaf coffee, as studies have found, possesses a laxative effect just as the same way as coffee.  Therefore, whether pooping after drinking coffee are attributed to the caffeine in coffee or some other ingredients entails further research and discussion.

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It is normal if you are unaffected by this laxative effect, for it only take effect on certain people or your stomach have get used to it; it is normal, too, to feel the urge to poop after a regular cup in the morning, as your stomach and colon are vulnerable to get stimulated.

Hope you have got some advisable details about the reasons of pooping stimulated by coffee and special conditions. If you have any question or perspectives, please edit on the comment boxes below.

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