Why can’t you lose weight even if you keep doing sports?

By April 29, 2022

Why can’t you lose weight even if you keep doing sports-1

So many of us keep on exercising acrobatically but some cannot lose weight. To some degree, the aerobic sports kind can help to lose weight but what you should keep in mind is that it will take effects only when you do it in the right manner. Such mistakes as follows are apt to be made by most sports lovers.

  1. 1. Doing sports for a too long time or too short a time.

Doing sports for short time means that you do aerobic sports for about 20 minutes, which has small effects on losing weight because during these 20 minutes you just burn the glycogen and there is no removal of the fat under your belly. In other words, it is the glycogen rather than the fat that keep you doing aerobic sports in such a short time.

Why can’t you lose weight even if you keep doing sports-2

Doing sports for over 1 hour, after the finish of glycogen decomposition, the muscles in your physical system will take part in the whole process, leading to the loss of muscles, and that is the reason why the marathon makes people too thin.

  1. 2. Make a refined convention for your daily sports.

Doing aerobic sports every day at the same time or for the same distance, then your body will become accustomed to it and your whole physical system will be ordered to do the training in the easiest way. Thus the bottleneck period will come to you earlier. Where can you make some changes? You can change the exercise items once a month or once three months. Rope skipping and swimming can be a good alternative for each other.

Why can’t you lose weight even if you keep doing sports-3

  1. 3. Lacking powerful training.

Doing aerobic training for a long period will bring less weight with a more ugly physical shape. The loss of muscle will contribute to the slack of skin and bring the striae atrophic more obvious. Those will make you seem to be years older than your real age. Only by combining aerobic sports and strength training along with more lean meat and less fat can you obtain your ideal build.

Young woman skipping rope during sunny morning on stadium track

  1. 4. There will always be someone who will always eat too much after they finishing doing exercising. They deem that they have consumed too much, so they need food to satisfy their oily stomach. So they will be troubled by the fact that after taking exercising, they are becoming fatter and fatter.  


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