When Is the Best Time to Drink Yogurt?

By October 31, 2022

As is known, yogurt does good for our health, as it can promote gastric acid secretion, be conducive to food digestion and absorption, reduce cholesterol, and has a certain protective effect on the gastric mucosa. Besides, it would also maintain gastrointestinal flora and improve human immunity force to drink yogurt moderately in daily life. Now, let’s take a look at the efficacy of yogurt and figure out when would be the best to drink yogurt.

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The Efficacy of Yogurt

  1. It is beneficial to regulate female physiology

Because of a large amount of active lactic acid bacteria, it helps reduce the formation of histamine in the body, supplements the flora in the intestinal tract, so as to make female vaginal secretions acidic. Therefore, it also helps prevent and treat allergies, inhibits X-ray radiation, and alleviates the side effects of antibiotics.

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  1. It is helpful to prevent skin aging and dryness

Rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E and carotene, yogurt would prevent the oxidation and decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids in human cells, maintain the integrity of epithelial cells, preventing skin from keratinization and dryness. As a reducing agent in the human body, vitamin C contained in yogurt will effectively inhibit the oxidation process of tyrosine during the formation of melanin and reduce the deposition of melanin in the human body. Hence, long-term consumption of yogurt can make the skin tender, elastic and shiny.

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  1. Its minerals help to lighten dark spots and relieve acne

The inorganic mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium contained in yogurt can greatly improve the pH of the blood, reduce the formation of pigmented spots in the skin, and have a certain digestion effect on various pigmented spots like chloasma and freckles. The highly active inorganic mineral trace element zinc and some derivatives of vitamin A and vitamin E also help the transformation and excretion of some toxic substances in the body, lessen the stimulation of acne, and relieve acne symptoms.

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  1. Abundant trace elements promote health

The highly active minerals calcium, magnesium, manganese and trace elements in yogurt can help protect teeth and strengthen bones, while vitamin A, vitamin B, methionine and cystine can help brighten eyes and strengthen hair. Moreover, it also helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.

So, when would be the best time to drink yogurt?

Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate for one to drink yogurt about 2 hours after a meal, which is not only conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the human body, but also better exerts the therapeutic effect. If you drink it immediately after a meal, it may increase the functional burden of the gastrointestinal tract to a certain extent, resulting in indigestion and nutrient loss.

In the process of drinking yogurt, it is recommended to avoid heat treatment, so as not to affect the activity and function of beneficial bacteria. In addition, maintaining a balanced diet in daily life, it is also helpful to maintain the normal functioning of the digestive system by moderate physical exercise and other measures.



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