What would you like to drink, tea or coffee?

By November 11, 2019

What would you like to drink, coffee or tea-1

Coffee or tea is the most asked question when we are in the restaurant. And we will show our preference when we answer it. Each of them represents different traditions from the Occident and Oriental world. But do you know tea or coffee is not only a kind of drinking but also a kind of a means to lose weight?

As the custom goes, most of us are habituated to drinking a cup of coffee when we get up in the morning to refresh our mind and body. They deem the coffee with milk or sugar cubes will relieve them from the residual of anxiety and tiredness. 

However, some others prefer black coffee without a single taste of sweetness. They like this special bitter taste. They enjoy the pure taste that delivers them the extreme experience to the tongue. As is known to all, black coffee can also help the one of obesity disease to lose weight because it has the least calorie in all the coffee kinds. So to some degree, you can kill two birds with one stone, i.e. cheer you up when you are exhausted and lose weight with a cup of black coffee.

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The rest may choose a cup of tea, green tea or black tea, etc. In their eyes, the tea represents a tradition. They do not only taste a refreshing cup of drinks but also a spirit passing down from generation in history. For example, green tea has a special crisp fragrance to the body. It expels all the sullen in the summer morning and brings back a clear peace of mind. The green tea is also said to have the function of whitening the skin. Keeping on drinking it and you will find your skin is getting much fairer.

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The green tea can also help to lose weight especially drinking it after an abundant feast. It will remove the fat and sugar sediment in our stomach, reducing the burden in our digesting system. Thus even we have eaten much during the meal, we can steel feel ease after this cup of green tea.

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It is up to one’s habit to make a choice between coffee and tea. But please keep in mind that only a moderate amount is healthy. Including almost everything, too much means another burden to our health. Make it a benign personal preference. And you will find your whole life is getting better and better.

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