What to Put in Coffee to Make it Taste Better

By December 7, 2016

Coffee, best known as stimulant, makes you feel awake and refreshing. Besides, coffee also has another amazing function, helping people to lose weight. Guess most of people cannot leave without coffee. While there are certainly coffee drinkers who only pursuit black, there’s no denying that adding an extra ingredient to coffee offers different flavor. Here, let’s explore what to put in coffee to make it taste better.

Common ways:  

When talking about what to add in coffee, sugar, milk, cream, cocoa maybe first spring to mind. 

1. Sugar

add sugar to coffee

Want to make coffee less bitter? Sugar may be a good choice, which can help weaken the bitterness of the coffee.

2. Milk

add milk to coffee

By mixing the milk and coffee together, we can enjoy a much more pleasant taste which comes from both of the milk and coffee.

3. Cream

add cream to coffee

Taking about what to put in coffee to make it taste better, you’d never forget cream, which leaves a rich and foamy taste to coffee.

4. Cocoa

add cocoa to coffee

Love mocha? That’s easy. Add a spoonful of cocoa powder in to coffee for leaving a cup of tasty mocha and getting a load of extremely healthy polyphenols at the same time. 

Special ways: 

Beyond the common ingredients listed above, there are some other special thing which can add in coffee.  

5. Honey

honey cure chopped lips

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to processed sugar, try sweetening your coffee with honey. But there is also a disadvantage when adding honey in coffee. Honey has a strong flavor that doesn’t always go well with coffee. Many people find that honey’s flavors clash with coffee’s. 

6. Coconut Milk

ad coconut milk to coffee

By directly pouring your coffee into the fresh coconut milk, you can experience two kinds of fragrance that the coconut and the coffee take to you. At the same time, it can supply you with the human body-needed elements: the potassium, the calcium, and the magnesia.

7. Butter

add butter to coffee
Coffee in the cute double wall glass cup

You may feel confused that why the butter can be put in the coffee, it’s kind of weird. Actually, it is really worthy of having a try, especially for those dieters. Because once you put some butter into the coffee, the energy can multiply a lot. If you have a cup of coffee like this, you won’t have to eat anything else for the half day. And there is a really awesome name for it, bulletproof Coffee, which was firstly introduced by Dave Asprey. And this kind of way is also acknowledged by the health specialists.

8. Cinnamon

add Cinnamon to coffee

Cinnamon just has the same function as the cubic sugar and milk, if you want put some cubic sugar or milk in your coffee, then why not use cinnamon to replace them. By doing so, you can intake less calories, which is good for your heath and can help strengthen your immunity.

9. Cola

add cola to coffee

Prepare some cola, then add it into the coffee, you will see a lot of bubbles in your cup. And you should know that the caffeine will also increase, so don’t put too much cola in case that you may get yourself drunk.

All of these ingredients add special flavor to your coffee. Try those methods to figure out your preferred flavor.

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