What to Do with Leftover Wine Corks

By December 6, 2016

What you ususally do with the leftover wine corks? Toss it in the trash? In reality, you can do a whole lot more with them than simple reseal your wine. When you get through the post, you will see how versatile these little bits of corks truly are. 

  1. 1. Built-In Pot Holder

When a covered pot was simmered on the stove, these lids can get pretty hot. Well, before you start cooking, just slide one or a few wine corks under the lid handle so that you can grab without burning your hand, even if you still use a pot holder. 

Wine Cork Pot Cover Holder

  1. 2. Fire Starter

When coming to light a fire, a wine cork can easily be turned into ready-to-use fire starters. Really? Yes, when you soak it in rubbing alcohol for 24 hours at most. 

Well, please be noted that you should use caution here because you are playing with fire and as the corks are soaked with alcohol so the fire will spread quickly. If possible, you’d better handle the cork with tongs, then light it and carefully position it where you want in the fireplace. 

Wine Cork Fire Starter

  1. 3. Uneven/Floor Scratches Fix

Annoying about wobbly chairs or floor scratches caused by chairs? Wine corks are actually are the perfect shape for a chair leg and now try to use a wine cork for a more permanent fix. 

Measure the cork, cut it and glue it on the end of the chair. Do remember that do not using the stained end of the corks as it may mark your floors. 

Wine Cork Uneven Chair Fix

  1. 4. Wine Cork Elastic

Any other useful ideas to keep unruly extensions cords contained? Surely, wine cork elastic can help you out. 

Put an elastic band through while digging two holes on the wine corks. You could adjust the elastic extension based on the objects you want to organize. 

Wine Cork Elastic

  1. 5. Wine Cork Card/Photo Holder

Wanna make your photo holder more innovative and attractive? Why not have a try on making a wine cork photo holder?

In case of the corks rolling all around the place, we would suggest you to sand the bottoms flat at first and then cut it for 3/8 inch or so. For better place a photo, you could use a plastic card, for example, to slid it down the cut to clean out all the little chunks. 

Wine Cork Photo Holder

  1. 6. Key Chain

The biggest bright spot of a wine cork key chain is that it can float on the surface of water, though most of you may seldom happen to dropping key in the water. 

How to make it out? Twist the screw eye into the top center of the cork and then put the key ring with it. Done!

Wine Cork Key Chain

  1. 7. Wrap-Around Earbud Holder

Earbud always to be a tangled mess when you toss them in bag or purse? A wine cork can do the job with just a couple of holes. 

Poke a small hole in the top of a wine cork to place the jack and cut a slot along the other end to place your earbuds. Then just wrap the length of the cord around the cork. 

Wine Cork Wrap-Around Earbud Holder

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