What to avoid with expired makeup

By August 23, 2021

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Like any other food you like, makeup products also have an expiry date, which is generally 2-3 years. Using expired products on your face will cause irritation, acne or other skin problems. You may not want to throw them away, so here we have some creative ideas that can help turn them into second use. Let’s take a look!

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is perfect as a paint color. Use it together with old brushes, you can create a DIY painting on your own. The other tip is to use it with clear nail polish. Just smash it into powder, mix it with clear nail polish, and then you get nail polish with a whole new color! You can also mix several colors and create a surprising color, of course.


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Expired mascara can be clumpy, but don’t toss it for that. Clearing it up, you will have a brush for your eyebrows and stray hairs. Combined with a lip scrub, it can also be used for exfoliation.

Lip balm

You can’t apply lip balm to your lip, but you can do it to your skin, for example, the hard skin of your feet. With the lip balm, you’ll be free from blisters and rough cuticles. Or, use it to lubricate your stuck zipper or make your shoes sparkling again.


Melt the lipstick (to kill the bacteria) with Vaseline, let it cool down, and then you have a new lipstick with a special color. Also, lipstick is a wonderful colored pencil to mark on your notebooks, calendars, and the like.

Nail polish

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Nail polish that has passed the expiration date can’t make your nails sparkle, but it can be used for decorative purposes. For example, use it to seal the envelope, or decorate a photo frame.


It is easy to give old brushes a new lease of life. As we mentioned above, brushes are great as paint brushes. For the tiny brush, use it for detailed painting or nail art design.

Skin toner

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Because of the high amount of alcohol, expired skin toners can also be used to clean the mirror, glass, tiles, and leather products like bags and shoes. Note that the skin toner shouldn’t contain whitening ingredients, or the color of this stuff may change. 

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