What should you drink when you have Acne

By May 29, 2020

Do you remember what time you start to have acne and how you deal with them? Acne is a common skin disease that may result in disfiguring and permanent scarring if it is serious.  Apart from the medical treatment, we can try the anti-blemish beverages to erase the pimples.

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  • Spearmint
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According to scientific research, spearmint tea is acne’s foe. We all know that acne may be a feature in many endocrine disorders, while Spearmint tea is high in antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds, which may reduce endocrine dyscrasia of acne vulgaris in women. Boil two cups of water with Ecooe 500ml Borosilicate glass tea infuser cup, and add a handful of torn spearmint leaves to the water, then cover steep for 5 minutes. You should drink one to two glasses of spearmint tea every day for at least 30 days. Persistence is the key to make something better.

Organic Tart Cherry Juice


 what should you drink when you have acne3

To be honest, some of the beverage that is rich for antioxidants is beneficial for erasing acne. Organic tart cherry juice carries with 17 free-radical fighting antioxidants. No one can refuse the cherries which have high levels of sugar and nutrients. Vitamin The antibacterial properties in cherries fight against acne by removing toxins from the blood and fighting bacteria trapped under the skin. Vitamin A helps in repairing damaged cells to maintain healthy skin. In fact, acne is a symptom that the pores of your skin are blocked with oil, dead skin, and bacteria. Cherries have antibacterial properties that can kill the toxins. So, the organic tart cherry juice is a perfect beverage for girls who are suffering from acne.

Oat Milk


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Oat milk has typically a bit more protein, fiber, and carbohydrates which keep you have a relaxed status to get rid of insomnia and stress, as if you have bad sleep and stay in a high level of pressure, you will get the breakouts. Oat milk can soak up the oil on your skin which provides a smooth pore. If you have bad acne, it means your skin is full of dirties and needs to be cleaned. Oat milk is a healthy drink to clean your skin because it contains saponins which are natural cleansers.

The end

Acne is common for adolescence but also troubled adults. It is very important to have skincare. Leading a healthy diet is the key to prevent acne. Drinking much water is also effective in flushes out contaminants and keep skin hydrated.

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 what should you drink when you have acne4


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