What should I prepare for the Mountain Climbing

By August 19, 2019

What should I prepare for the Mountain Climbing 1

If you just come to the mountain hiking for the first time, then it is essential for you to make a whole-direction preparation to avoid any potential accidents. Keep in mind that just a sleeping bag is not enough.

1. Fasten your belt.

If the belt is too loose, then your shoulder will bear more pressure, which is more apt to be exhausted. The feeling of sore will come to hit you earlier than usual. You may choose to fasten the shoulder strap as the first response, but this won’t work. Fastening your belt will evidently make you feel lighter than before on the shoulder. Actually, the belt always bears 80% load of the backpack while the shoulder strap takes 20% of it.

What should I prepare for the Mountain Climbing 2

How to place the belt is another factor to influence your burden bearing feeling. You can put your hands up a little above your waist and then press down with a little force to imitate the role of the belt. Where your hands feel the biggest resisting force is the place you shall place the belt.

2. Take off clothes before setting out and put them on when taking a rest.What should I prepare for the Mountain Climbing 3

Walking with warm clothing will make you feel quite hot after a short period of time. Then you will feel quite exhausted as you are beginning to sweat. As we know, performance while sweating and over-heating are not good. So keeping dry is the best reward for yourself as it means you utilize your own body function to the best efficiency.

What should I prepare for the Mountain Climbing 4

Remember to put the clothes back on while resting even you should wear a warm keeping hat to reduce the loss of heat to the minimum. Most people may feel cold when they are resting; that means they are losing heat power without being noticed. And the heat means a great assistant for climbing the mountains.

3. Make each step small and walk in the right way.

What should I prepare for the Mountain Climbing 5

It is called the resting steps in the climbing skills. Straighten your feet helps you to slow down in the walking process. But it actually makes your speed faster in the whole journey as this skill will decrease your rest times and alleviate the exhausting level of the muscles.
Making a small step each time can reduce the working amount of your muscles. Matching it with the resting steps will give you the effect beyond your expectations.

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