What is Glass Pour over Coffee Maker

By December 6, 2018


For coffee sippers the most enjoyable thing must be having a cup of hot full-bodied coffee in the morning, not only for the tasty coffee but also for the joyful process of making it. Yet morning time is always limited and freshly brewed coffee seems unrealistic. So here comes the design, glass pour over coffee maker.

What is Glass Pour over Coffee Maker

Glass pour over coffee maker, as the name indicates, is a kind of container used for dissolving coffee by an untraditional way—filtering. The container is composed of two parts, the top funnel which dissolves the ground coffee and the beneath bottle where liquid flew to. It is a good design for coffee sippers to make coffee their wanted taste and flavor. Because you can control the water and coffee as well so as to get your wanted coffee flavor. Also, as the coffee is poured down equably by hot water, you will get the best of its flavor by slowly doing the pour.

Why you need a glass pour over coffee maker

Whichever machine you choose, pour over coffee maker has its unique advantages that separate it from much other equipment. On the one hand, it brings more control to you. You are given a part of each stage of the brewing process which means you can fine tune and create a customized cup of coffee that suits your taste. On the other hand, by controlling over the brew you are allowed to extract as much flavor as possible out of those grounds without pulling out the bitters along with it. Moreover, as everyone has their own preferences and tastes in coffee, with pour over coffee maker on hand, you are supposed to add your taste into it, such as sugar, acidity. Flexibly, you can make it a robust, full-bodied one or a light, more floral one.

Recommendations for Glass Pour over Coffee Maker

Ecooe 1000ml Pour Over Coffee Carafe


Ecooe 1000ml is made of borosilicate glass which is heatproof and of aesthetics. There are gauge on the surface of the glass, which indicates the volume so as to help you to make more delicate coffee and avoid waste as well. The reason for this recommendation mainly lies in its dual-filtration system which consist fine mesh interior and mesh exterior. It will not rust or trap coffee oils; instead, it makes the best use of ground coffee.

Chemex Pour-over Glass Coffee maker


Chemex is also a borosilicate glass which is resistant for absorbing odors or chemical residues. It is said to be durable and allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor. Elegant as it is, it is also easy to use. As for the volume, it is not as big as the former one and there are generally four types of sizes, 3-cup one, 6-cup one, 8-cup one and 10-cup one. You are advised to choose it under your own needs.

To sum up, pour over coffee, compared to coffee machine, has its own position in customization. We are expected to make it more preferring to our own taste instead of making it generally-the-same taste.

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