What happens to your body when you stop eating sugar

By November 5, 2021

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Most people love sugar, not only because it brings us happiness the moment we eat it, but also because it is highly addictive. Despite almost no nutritional value and side effects to the human body, sugar is hard to avoid as refined sugars are widely added in snacks and desserts. What if you stop eating sugar, then? What change will you see?

First of all, let’s learn how sugar takes effect on your body. The processed sugars can lead to spikes of blood sugar level once you take the first bite or sip, this is why you feel extremely pleasant. After that, however, you’ll experience a rapid decrease both in your energy and blood sugar level as well, which in turn makes you crave for more.

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If you have been used to a life full of sugar, you will feel really uneasy in the first few days after you stop eating it –This is a period similar to getting off drugs, when you may have headaches, feel irritable, get gastrointestinal distress, and more. But, as long as you get through these days, you will feel less irritable and more energetic again.

On the other hand, because refined sugar causes insulin spikes and inflammation in the skin, such as acne, wrinkling, and rosacea, omitting processed sugar will help improve your skin by recovering elastin and collagen.

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Your sleep quality will improve as well if you stop eating sugar. When you reach for the snacks during midnight, chances are that your stress hormones will rise and you’ll get less restorative sleep as a result. Try giving up on sugars today, you may not notice the change overnight, but in the long run, you’ll have a deeper and better sleep.

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The last good result is that you’ll lose weight. This is not to say you’ll definitely lose weight, but that it’s much easier for you to shed some pounds. The fact is, the more sugar you eat, the more empty calories you take in. Besides, sugar can affect your brain that controls appetite –because of the mechanism we explained above, eating more sugar just leads you to believe you’re still hungry and crave for more. To end this endless loop and to make losing weight much easier, stopping eating sugar is the only way.

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