What Happens If You Don’t Eat Breakfast Every Day

By March 18, 2017

I’ve been told by my grandma that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” since I were a little kid. And I have been kept eating breakfast for many years, from which I benefit a lot. Skipping breakfast is really a bad start for the day. And it has been proved by the American Dietetic Association that breakfast eaters perform much better in productivity, memory and concentration than breakfast skippers throughout the day. Here I will tell you what happens if you don’t eat breakfast every day.

Slow metabolism

 slow metabolism

Our bodies metabolize by burning calories for daily life function. And the faster your metabolism is, the faster your body burns off the food you’ve eaten. And that can help you maintain a good operation of your body. Words have it that eating breakfast can boost the metabolism. If you skip breakfast for too long, your body will metabolize in a rather slower way. And that leads to your body consuming the glucose stored in your muscles as a backup fuel source, effectively wasting away your muscles

Weight gain

weight gain

Once you don’t eat breakfast, you are more likely to overeat at other snacks or meals throughout the rest of the day. With the increasing cravings for keeping the hunger pangs down, the quick-fix fast foods are often sought out. And “British Journal of Nutrition” reported that when you do not eat breakfast, your energy is reduced and physical activity levels decline. If you don’t eat breakfast every day, your sabotaged diet can bring the final weight gain.

Higher Disease Risk

do not eat breakfast

According to a lot of surveys, those who don’t eat breakfast every day are more likely to experience risks of heart disease, hypoglycemia, digestive disorders, metabolic syndrome, etc. Breakfast provides you with the body-needed nutrients after fasting for the whole night. And if you don’t eat breakfast, you will feel overwhelmingly cranky and exhausted.

Low spirit

low spirit

Quite a lot of people often feel moody after waking up in the morning. And I myself always feel like this in the morning. But that moodiness often disappears after I eat breakfast. Guess what? An article, published in of BBC News World Edition in 2002, has noted that eating breakfast regularly can help reduce that moodiness and keep you in a better mood.

Poor intellectual development

what happens if you do not eat breakfast

Not eating breakfast every day negatively influences the intellectual development. This is especially true for the children and infants. Without the adequate nutrition taken from the breakfast, they can easily distract and miss the opportunity for cognitive stimulations. And this could also lead to their poor ability to solve problems efficiently.

Irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation

It’s common that college students often don’t eat breakfast because they need to spend the breakfast time running to the class. But the female students should notice that if you don’t eat breakfast regularly, you would be apt to suffer from menstrual irregularities. And that often includes painful menses and irregular menstrual bleeds.

You can see clearly what happens if you don’t eat breakfast every day. Not eating breakfast really does no good for us. For the sake of health, you’d better eat breakfast every day!

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