What are the Types of Chocolate

By December 2, 2022

The finished chocolate is generally composed of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, milk and sugar. The change of these four ingredients will have a great impact on the color, texture and taste of chocolate so that everyone can find the chocolate that they most like. Next, I will introduce 6 different kinds of chocolate.

What are the Types of Chocolate1

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the most special chocolate. It contains almost only cocoa butter and cocoa powder. It will never add milk to make the taste smoother. The amount of sugar is also lower than in other chocolate. This kind of chocolate is dark, crispy and crisp, and even has the texture of the powder. To a large extent, dark chocolate retains the bitter taste and roasted aroma of fermented and baked cocoa beans and almost always indicates the cocoa content (or purity) when selling.

What are the Types of Chocolate2

Bittersweet & Semisweet Chocolate

They are two types derived from dark chocolate. They do not contain milk, but their sugar content is higher than that of dark chocolate. The sugar content of semisweet chocolate is generally higher than that of bittersweet chocolate. Different chocolate enterprises have different understandings of “dark”, “bittersweet” and “semisweet”, so the taste can’t be standardized. However, bittersweet and semisweet chocolate should contain at least 35% cocoa.

What are the Types of Chocolate3

Milk Chocolate

As the name implies, milk chocolate is chocolate with milk. The addition of milk makes this kind of chocolate taste more fragrant, thick and smooth. And because the solids in milk can ease the original flavor of cocoa, it is far less bitter than dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate throughout North America and Europe.

What are the Types of Chocolate4

White chocolate

White chocolate is the opposite of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has cocoa butter, cocoa powder and sugar, but there is no milk, while white chocolate has cocoa butter, sugar and milk, but there is no cocoa powder. Because of the lack of this kind of thing, white chocolate has a white color that is different from all other chocolate products. In taste, white chocolate is similar to milk chocolate.

Chocolate is a very versatile food, which can be combined with sweet and salty food. Such as mole poblano, which has a history of hundreds of years. It has a very rich taste that various flavors have achieved a delicate balance. Chocolate is one of the ingredients. When eating this dish, try to appreciate how the taste of dark chocolate alleviates the acidity of tomatoes and the heat of peppers, and how it is magnified by spices such as cloves.(Tip: Easy hot chocolate recipe)






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