What Are the Most Beneficial Sports to Our Health?

By September 19, 2022

The benefits of sports for one’s physical and mental health have become a hot topic in academia and the public in recent years. Many scientific studies have shown that people with sports habits generally stay in a better mental condition regardless of gender, age, nationality or family income.

What Are the most Beneficial Sports to Our Health1

One feels happier after doing exercise.

A large sample study of 1.2 million people published in the medical journal “The Lancet” in August 2018 clearly pointed out that compared with the non-exercisers, the exercisers have less psychological pressure and are less prone to depression. The study found that the whole population, including people with exercise habits and those without the habits, would averagely be in a bad mood about 3.36 days per month, and the former was 1.49 days less than the latter monthly. In addition, according to the analysis results from depression groups, the average number of days of depression per month in depressed patients who often exercise is 3.75 days less than that of those who do no sport.

What Are the most Beneficial Sports to Our Health2

Which sport would be more helpful?

There are a variety of sports. Do they all have the same effect on reducing psychological stress? In order to find out the sports that are most conducive to mental health, researchers roughly divide the types of sports into eight categories. Among them, group sports (such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc.) are the most effective in reducing psychological stress, followed by running, cycling, water- or ice sports, walking, and “doing housework” at last. It should be emphasized that although it has priority in rankings, they are all

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effective in maintaining mental health. In addition, researchers also studied meditation sports, like yoga and Tai Chi. Interestingly, this kind of exercise can be greatly beneficial to regulating psychological stress, even more, effective than walking.

What Are the most Beneficial Sports to Our Health4

How long is the best to exercise?

If you suppose that more exercise should be better in order to relieve psychological pressure, you are probably wrong. Researchers found that when exercise lasted for more than 90 minutes, the benefit to mental health was negligible. Once more than three hours, it will even have a negative impact on mental health. At the same time, investigators pointed out that the time of exercise which can maximize the effectiveness in stress reduction will be about 30 to 60 minutes and 45 minutes of exercise is considered the best exercise duration. What’s more, It is not that the more you exercise, the better it will be. No matter what type of sports you choose, the frequency of 3 to 5 times a week can best help your mental health reach the best state.

Therefore, when you are depressed, you might as well choose the right way to exercise. It will not only help you release stress but also keep you healthy.

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