Try to keep the electrical equipment away from your bedtime

By January 6, 2020

Try to keep the electrical equipment away from your bedtime1

After a long time of reading news on Facebook about what is going on around the world or look through the pictures on Instagram, you may find it hard to fall asleep. The more effort you collect to sleep, the more difficult the sleep seems to be. After several rounds of struggle, your mind becomes more awake than ever before. You just give up the intention and then get up to have another round of surfing the Internet.

Most of us seem to have cultivated such habit of using the smart devices before our bedtime, or we feel something is gone without doing it. As a matter of fact, it is quite hazardous to our health to use those electrical equipments when we are on our bed.

Try to keep the electrical equipment away from your bedtime2

Such smart electrical equipment can send out a kind of blue light.

Long-Time exposure to the blue light will cause the disability of the eyes, killing the cells which are sensitive to the light. Then the eyesight will be decreased severely without being noticed or even totally ruined. It is often reported that some youths who are addicted in using the smartphone become blind after several days without being interrupted.

What’s more, the blue light will make you excited. It can press the sleeping hormone down. Holding an IPAD or an IPHONE, you will never feel sleepy again. The blue light induces you to read more lines or watch another TV show and film. The longer time you spend on the electrical devices, the more blue light you will receive from them and the longer time you will need to retreat to a state of a peaceful mind.

Try to keep the electrical equipment away from your bedtime3

Youths, especially the kids should stop looking at electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. That way, your brain can slow down and get ready for sleep. Or you can also do other things to help you to calm down. Choosing a good book to read or having a glass of milk to drink before sleep is a good choice. They can also help to relax your body and mind to enable you to sleep better.
Throw away all your devices now.

Try to keep the electrical equipment away from your bedtime4

Just take one good book to start reading again. You will find there is something remaining there for you to recollect, which is far more meaningful and more long-lasting to your life.

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