Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

By April 27, 2020

Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer3 

Flowers are always the top choice either in romantic occasions or special moments like a graduation ceremony and evening party. No matter how long time passes, a bunch of flowers can always remind us of the best old times. However, the sad truth is that flowers cannot stay fresh forever. With the guidelines and tricks, we listed below, you will be able to extend the longevity of your flowers and enjoy their fragrance as long as possible.

Cut the stems

Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer2After you receive the flowers, don’t forget to cut the stems. The fresh bouquet is easy to lose water as soon as it is separated from the root, so make sure you cut the stems and trim one or two inches off to allow for better water intake. Also remember to do this thing again every two or three days, as the bottom is bound to be oxidated. A little tip: use the garden shears to cut the stems at an angle, not only for bigger water contact area but for the flowers being able to sit flat on the vase bottom.

Prune leaves

Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer1Leaves underwater cannot provide nutrition for flowers anymore. Instead, they will rot and create a wonderful seedbed for bacteria. So once you discover some leaves underwater, remove them right away. The truth is the same for flower petals. Take roses, for example, decomposition happens from the outermost petals to the innermost. Checking whether these petals are fine is a good way to prevent a chain bacterial rot.

Water and flower food

Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer4After you pick out a clean and open vase, fill it with lukewarm water and replace the water every day. In this way, the risk of infection will be lower because the debris produced by flowers are removed in time. To extend the life of your bouquet, you can add a packet of flower food into the water. But you need to keep the density on the balance, not too diluted or too concentrated. For alternative, you can also add citrus soda and bleach to the water, with 1 part soda and 3 parts water to provide sugar and acid for the flower, and a few drops of bleach to kill harmful microorganisms.

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