The right ways of choosing coffee beans to make coffee

By December 30, 2019

The right ways of choosing coffee beans to make coffee1

Most of the time, we may feel quite convenient to buy a cup of coffee when we are in a hurry during our work time. But some others might think they can make by themselves what they take in every day, especially for those kinds that they deem indispensable in daily lives. They would spare the limited free time to make a cup of coffee by themselves. So here is the top priority they are confronted with, i.e., how can they choose the coffee beans in the right way. A bag of qualified beans determines if the coffee will be yummy and tasty.

Choose the right place of origin.

The right ways of choosing coffee beans to make coffee2

The place of origin for the coffee beans can be found around the world, including South America, Columbia, Hawaii, Cuba, etc. The places full of sunshine and water can be ideal origins for those to grow up.

Then it comes to how to select fresh coffee beans.

The right ways of choosing coffee beans to make coffee3

When you are picking out beans, take one or two and put them into your mouth to chew. If the sound is crisp and the aroma can be long-lasting in your mouth, then the beans are totally dried and fresh. Or you can hold and pinch with your fingers to avoid the hollow shells.
The purity of the coffee beans should also be a factor that you have to take into consideration. For the regional coffee, it is the color and size of each bean rather than its size that matters. However, for blended coffee, it is quite common for the beans to be different in color and shape. In order to have the best flavored handmade coffee, it is advisable to buy an amount for half a month.

The right ways of choosing coffee beans to make coffee4

We all know the raw beans don’t send out any scent at all. So the bakery skills are also of great accounts in determining the quality of the processed coffee beans. If you can tell the fragrant, sour and bitter taste of a bean, then the bakery of the coffee beans can be a success.
There is one thing you should know is that coffee beans that have been just baked cannot be used to make coffee because a large amount of carbon dioxide remains in the beans, which will damage the aroma of the coffee if there are not released beforehand. The right action of preserving the baked coffee beans into a vacuum or degassing valve bags for at least 1-2 days. Afterwards, those beans can be used to make coffee as they have entered into rather stable chemical states.

The right ways of choosing coffee beans to make coffee5

With all those above steps kept in mind, you will be sure to make a highly appreciated cup of coffee.

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