The right way to clean wine glasses

By November 20, 2020

The right way to clean and store wine glasses-1

Glassware is the most elegant thing in the kitchen, but it can also be the utensil that is the most difficult to take care of. It is indeed not easy to get all of them to look grace each time you’re going to use them. But with some basic techniques in mind, you’ll be able to have your wine glasses always ready to go even without the help of a professional dishwasher.

Actually, you don’t need any special wine glass cleaner, vinegar or regular dish-washing liquid is OK. Of course, don’t expect to wash your glasses simply by running water –unfiltered water from most taps can smell up wine glasses, too. As for the cloth to assist cleaning, we recommend sponge, because it is easier to manage than dish towels and it won’t leave any extra material into the glass.

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Here are the instructions for cleaning your wine glasses:

  • Sink the vinegar bottle in hot water for 1 minute until it gets warm
  • Fill the sink with warm vinegar, or use a bowl if you just have a couple of glasses
  • Soak wine glasses in the vinegar for about an hour, and use the nylon net or sponge to wipe off the film
  • Dry wine glasses with a lint-free towel

If your wine glasses are too small to let your hands get in to have a deep cleaning, you can make a bottle cleaner on your own by wrapping the towel around a knife or fork. If that still doesn’t remove the stains at the bottom, you just need to first fill the bottom with white vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda. After the chemical reaction has loosened the stains, try scrubbing the stains again.

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Is it safe to clean wine glasses in the dishwasher?

If you’d like, a dishwasher can totally replace hand washing. However, that does not mean it is safe to do so, especially for your best wine glasses. If you do use the dishwasher, make sure you leave much room between each glasses to prevent clinking. Remember that without care, the dishwasher can make your glasses appear cloudy or dirty.

Last but not least, you should wash or at least hot water rinse them every few days before you’re ready to use them. No matter where you store your wine glasses (boxes, cupboards, or so on), they will collect smell and dust gradually.


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