The best way to clean the drooling stains on your baby’s clothes

By November 4, 2019

Because of the immature swallowing ability, you may always find that your baby is drooling when his teeth start growing in the mouth and it is getting worse and worse when the teeth are popping up more. During the day time, you are busy in drying his mouth, but the collars in the front of the shirts or the coats are always wet. Because of the delicate skin he has, to avoid any sensitive reactions, you will resist the troubling sense at the bottom of the heart to replace the clothes. Or you will add a bib around the neck to stop the drooling direct down onto the clothes. And you will find the changing rate is far more often. And still, there is another question of how to clean them.

The best way to clean the stains on your baby's clothes-1

The best time to wash those clothes and bibs is cleaning them once they are taken off. If you leave them for a long time before washing, the stains are quite hard to remove as they have sunk into the fiber of the clothing.

Then soak them in cold water for 3 minutes. Add some laundry lotion or soap on to the stains and wash under running water. Try to put the wet clothes and bibs under direct sunlight to get dried and disinfected.

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Actually the drooling is quite erosive to the baby’s skin, which can cause rash and inflammation. We should try to wipe it out before it drools down from the skin. We can use soft handkerchiefs or towels with pure cotton quality. And those handkerchiefs and towels should also be regularly washed and changed. We can also apply some protective ointment around the baby’s mouth as regular wipes can also cause sensitive reactions to the skin. Wet tissue with alcohol content is forbidden to use to wipe the drooling as they will irritate the skin to cause other uncomfortable symptoms.

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You can also take measures to stimulate the growth of your baby’s teeth to shorten the troubling period of time to wipe the drooling. The growth of teeth needs some incentives, something to grinding the gum. Give them some grinding food including cookies, bars and even a pacifier is a good assistant.

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Then you will find more and more teeth are coming out in the mouth and the drooling is decreasing day by day. Your baby will not be a drooling piggy any more. You want to put him into your hug again.



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