Sparkling water: good or bad?

By September 7, 2020

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Sparkling water or soda water may be one of the most amazing beverages in the world. It has no calories, no sugar, and no added ingredients. But it just tastes so refreshing even better than sugary soft drinks. However, some people may be concerned that it may cause tooth decay, calcium loss, or other problems to the body. How valid are they really? Let’s investigate.

Is sparkling water as healthy as still water?

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The fact is, the sparkling water does no harm to your body as long as it doesn’t contain artificial sweetener or other chemicals. It is important to notice the label if the sparkling water has added extra caffeine, citric acid, and added sugars. Also, remember that some special sparkling water like club soda and tonic water contains sodium or sweeteners; while seltzer contains nothing but carbon dioxide bubbles. Of course, it’s perfectly OK if you like the sparkling water that is flavored with natural fruits. As for the aspect of hydration, sparkling water hydrates you the same as still water. In some cases, sparkling water can hydrate you even better. This is great news for those who don’t like regular water and prefer sparkling water as an alternative.

Will sparkling water erode your teeth?

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It is very easy to consider the carbon dioxide in sparkling water will erode the teeth. But things are different between sugary water and sparkling water. The risk of tooth decay is really high in soda and other carbonated beverages with added ingredients, while dental erosion of sparkling water is very low. That is because it is only composed of water and carbon dioxide, without acids, sugars, and salts. Some people believe that the carbon dioxide will be dissolved in water as carbonic acid, which may damage teeth. However, a study has proved the possibility of its dental erosion is still quite low.

Will sparkling water cause tummy troubles?

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Though a bit of disappointing, drinking sparkling water can actually cause a large amount of bloating and gas and may lead to a feeling of flare-ups. That is to say, if you have IBS or other digestion issues, you’d better avoid experimenting yourself in drinking this type of water. On the other hand, if you feel totally fine after drinking seltzer, you are free to drink it away. To meet the balance of good taste and health, you can also add natural fruits, herbs, or some juice into your regular water.


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