Sleeping naked can improve your overall health

By November 1, 2021

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Having tried yoga before bedtime, taking melatonin, or sticking to a fixed sleep time in order to get a good night’s sleep, you might still be suffering from insomnia from time to time. Perhaps you could try sleeping naked. It is comfortable and has lots of potential health benefits.

Improve sleep quality

The circadian rhythm is a clock inside your body that makes sure your body temperature is high during the day and relatively low at night. So if you want to fall sleep faster, it’s necessary to have an environment with a proper temperature, which ranges from 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. On the contrary, too warm temperature keeps you awake and reduce your deep sleep time.

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Improve mental health

If you’re sleeping naked with your partner, the skin contact will increase your levels of oxytocin which can make you relaxed. Besides, because sleeping naked brings you better sleep, your overall mental health will be improved.

Reduce the risk of vaginal yeast infections

The vagina creates a warm and moist environment for yeast to grow. If you wear tight pajamas for sleep, your risk of vaginal yeast infection will be higher. So, just sleep naked and let it breathe freely during the night.

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Improve male reproductive health

Studies show that tight-fitting underwear can reduce sperm count and concentration. That is because it makes the testicles warmer. To let the testicles cool off at night, you’d better sleep naked or wear loose-fitting underwear instead.

Should you clean your bedding often if sleeping naked?

With so many health benefits of sleeping naked, you may want to have it a go right away. But wait, should you wash your bedding often if sleeping naked? The answer is definitely yes. As your body produces natural oil, your skin exfoliates every day and you use beauty products on a daily basis, you’ll end up finding your bed sheet and blankets covered with skin flakes and all kinds of crumbs. To prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses, it’s better to change your bedding at least weekly.

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What if you dont sleep naked?

For those who find sleeping naked uncomfortable, here’re some suggestions.

  • Wear loose-fitting underwear and pajamas that keep your body cool. For males, boxers would be a good option.
  • Don’t wear heavy-fabric pajamas which will prevent the skin from cooling.
  • Bedsheet and room temperature also make a difference in improving your sleep quality. Choose a soft and light sheet, and use a thermostat if necessary.
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