Skim milk or whole milk – Which one is better for your health?

By July 31, 2020

Skim milk or whole milk -- which one is better for your health-1

Milk is one of the most nutritious food in our daily diet. But there are so many types of milk out there that sometimes it’s hard for us to determine which one is better for the health. For example, people are traditionally thinking that whole milk can increase the risk of heart disease, while skim milk is the perfect choice for nutritional supply. Is it true?

Pros and cons of skim milk

Skim milk or whole milk -- which one is better for your health-2

Skim milk is most recommended because it contains a high amount of nutrients, including a large dose of minerals and vitamins. Statistics show that one cup of skim milk can provide 300mg calcium, which is even higher than that contained in whole milk. However, skim milk is very low in fat and calories, thus you may feel hungry very soon after you drink the milk.

Pros and cons of whole milk

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The reason why whole milk is considered unhealthy is that it contains saturated fat. Early mainstream nutrition specialists all suggest that saturated fat is related to heart disease. However, there is very little scientific evidence for that and more researches prove the benefits of dairy fats.

Many people skip whole milk for the fear of weight gain. Actually, the healthy fat in the whole milk can help keep the feeling of satiety for a longer time and leading to fewer food intakes. This is good news for those doing weight management. Another positive effect of whole milk is that it can boost the absorption of vitamin D. Because it is fat-soluble, our body absorbs it the best when it is contained in whole milk high in fat.

Which one to choose for your personal health?

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For people who are trying to lose weight but want to take insufficient nutrients, skim milk is the better choice. While for most people, it is recommended to drink whole milk on a regular basis. Just one glass can provide the nutrition you need, and help manage your weight over time. But since whole milk has the potential to cause excess fat intake, if you already have or at the risk of heart disease, you’d better consult a dietitian before you choose which milk to buy.


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