Should You Drink Green Tea before Exercising

By September 27, 2017


The first time I got a deep impression on green tea was from my grandfather and his notebook about tea and life. And I really got hooked on his experience and comments on the magic benefits of tea towards exercise effectiveness. Just as coffee drinking before workout, can drink green tea before exercising have the same efficiency?

I’ve read many academic reports and tried it many times, and it seems to be an actual promotion for exercise. And let’s have this in details

What happens in your body when you exercise?


  • Increased heart rate-When you begin exercise, your heart rate increases to pump more blood to your muscles so that you can gain a balanced state. While, with raging breathing and decreased blood pressure, rhythmic heart rate can maintain a longer and harder exercise.
  • Muscles-your muscles begin to contract when you work out. It relies on the oxygenated blood supplied by heart. If there is no enough oxygen transmitted, your body will produce lactic acid, which has something to do with the growth of your muscles during your exercise.
  • Brain-With more blood flowing in your body, your brain is stimulated and thus you will be more concentrated after doing exercise.
  • Why should you drink green tea before exercising-benefits of green tea before workout


    Boosting metabolism

    When you drink green tea, it helps to burn foods you have eaten into energy and that’s called metabolism. It is the catechins and caffeine existing in green tea that holds the function of metabolism. Drinking green tea before exercise will enhance fat-burning process.

    Improve endurance and duration


    Caffeine is one of the best things that improve your exercise performance. Green tea typically has 50 mg of caffeine per cup. (Want to see the caffeine content difference between tea and coffee) It supplies you enough energy you need when you exercise, thus you may go on for a longer period with increased heart rate. According to a study published in 2005, participants who drinking green tea before workout for nearly 3 months in the test have improved exercise endurance up to 24 percent. It appears to be good news for people who are eager to lose weight.

    There is something to be particular noted


  • Make sure you have got some food into your stomach before you drink green tea, or the tannins in green tea may cause you nauseous. (how long should you wait after eating to exercise)
  • When you have drink a cup of green tea, be it hot or cold, keep a time interval at nearly 30-40 minutes before workout. Let the ingredients in the caffeine, such as the catechins and caffeine take effect during the time gap.
  • Hope you have got some useful information about green tea drinking before exercise, and if you have any question or perspective, please edit in the comment box below.

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