[Round-Up] 10 Lemon Hacks for Your Home

By January 28, 2017

lemon hacks for your home

When it comes to lemon, a large number of people may think about a glass of zesty and refreshing lemonade. And most of people favor the special flavor of lemon. While, for the other usages of lemon, only few of us know about that. So, let me tell you 10 lemon hacks for your home in details.

1. Clean the microwave

clean microwave with lemon

Put some lemon juice in a micro-save bowl and heat it in microwave with high heat. 5 to 10 minutes later, open the microwave door and use the rug to wipe the inside of it. You will find that the unpleasant things are much easier to be removed from your microwave

2. Prevent the oxidation of food

prevent oxidation

When you make salad, squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice in it. And the lemon juice can help prevent the fruit in the salad from oxidizing.

3. Disinfect the chopping board

chopping board

The chopping board, especially those for cutting meat, can often accumulate a lot of bacteria which cannot be seen by human eyes. To disinfect and sterilize the chopping board, you can sparkle some salt on the board and use the lemon to rub it as much as possible. It can sterilize the board efficiently and effectively.

4. Natural and mild soap

wash hand with hand

Every time after you make dishes, only when you are ready to enjoy the dishes, do you find the unpleasant odors of onion, garlic, and fish that have been left on your hand. Just try to use a piece of lemon covered with salt, rub your hands and use the clean water to flush your hands. Then you can find the unpleasant odors have been eliminated a lot.

5. Remove the mildew on your clothes

remove mildew from clothes

It’s common that the clothes which have been stored for a long time may sometimes get some mildew stains on them. Use the mixture of lemon juice and salt, it will help you a lot. Just wipe the mixture on the stains and do it for one more time when the mixture turns dry. In this way, the mildew stains can be removed easily.

6. Bleach clothes

fade clothes

Don’t use the chemical bleach to clean your clothes. Mix the lemon juice and baking soda and use the mixture of those two to wash your clothes. For the acid in lemon juice makes the mixture a natural and mild bleach, which is not only effective in cleaning and deodorizing but also does little harm to your clothes.

7. Dispel the insects

dispel insects with lemon

The insects, especially the ants and the mosquitoes are afraid of the acid flavor of lemon. You can use the lemon to dispel the insects when some parts of your house are attacked by insects. By the way, vinegar can also help you. 

8. Brighten the dull skin

brighten skin

Every night before you go to the bed, you can apply some cotton swabs that have been soaked in the lemon juice ahead of time to the spots on your face. After that, use some skin care cream. If you keep doing so, the spots on your face will disappear as time goes by.

9. Make your hair shining

coffee grounds hair mask

Put the lemon in the juice extractor to get the lemon juice, then mix it with warm water and pour that mixture into a sprayer. When the hair is dry, spray it on your hair, by which your hair can get the most natural care. If you keep doing so, you hair may shine like a diamond finally. Also, you can try coffee grounds to help shine your hair. 

10. Relieve the throat ache

drinking lemon water

The lemon is also useful in easing the throat ache. Prepare some fresh lemon, cut it into small pieces and put it in the water when you want to drink something. You can also choose to add some honey if you like.

You may have never thought of the above amazing lemon hacks for your home. Make full use of these 10 hakcs can enable your life become more convenient. What you’ve seen may be just what others need badly. So, just try to share these methods with your friends.

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