Protect Your Teeth in Every Detail

By August 5, 2019

Protect Your Teeth in Every Details 1

A healthy oral cavity is an important part of the whole healthy body system. It is reported that dental problems can even cause the risk of diabetes and coronary heart diseases. So we should attach great importance to the health of our teeth and the oral cavity. What should we do to defend them from diseases including decayed teeth?

1, To cultivate a good habit of brushing teeth.

Protect Your Teeth in Every Details 5

Keep brushing your teeth after getting up and before going to bed. But keep in mind that you should brush your teeth in the right way!
You might say,” what is there a tooth brushing order that I should not know?
Yes, there is also an order for that. Brush your teeth from upside to downside; brush the inside of the teeth first and then brush the outside. Gargle your mouth with warm water after meals. Do not brush them laterally or the teeth will be damaged.

2, to collide the upside tenth to the downside

Macro close up of woman's mouth eating strawberry.

Before going to bed and after getting up from bed, collide the teeth for a dozen times or more, you can make each collision more powerfully, thus can make the teeth more solid and sturdier.

3, Pay attention to what you feed to your teeth.

Protect Your Teeth in Every Details 2

Have a sense of protecting your teeth in daily lives. Do not have or have fewer candies as those sweets will ruin your teeth in a silent way. What’s more, do not bite your fingers and pen heads or lick the lips with tongue, which also takes more risks to your teeth.

4, Brush your teeth even though they are all fallen out.

Brush teeth is not just clean the surface of the teeth, it is also an overall cleaning inside the whole mouth. Even the teeth are all fallen out, all the mucosa, tissues of phatnoma and teeth are still there in the mouth; you have to take good care of them, which are apt to be a warm bed for periodontal pathogens.

5. Have a regular teeth check and examination.

Protect Your Teeth in Every Details 4

You’d better go to the dentist every half a year or one year before you find some teeth diseases by yourself. You can have a whole oral cavity check and cleaning operation.

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