Preserve your food in the   in a scientific way

By November 1, 2019

Preserve your food into the fridge in a scientific way-1

The fridge, of huge size, is another treasure to our kitchen life. We can put any food we cherish into it, no matter in the summer or in the winter, to longer their fresh time. Most of the fridge has two chambers: one for refrigerating and the other one for chilling. Sometimes we shove our whole world of food in it. But sometimes we find something is wrong. Our whole world in it goes bad more quickly than usual. The reason is we do not obey the fridge rules.

There are some general preservation principles: set aside the raw food and cooked food. Put the leftovers and cooked food onto the upper layers while putting eggs and dairy products onto the lower layers. Do not make the fridge clogged with food. Leave some space in it for the inner circulation. We can divide the refrigerating chamber into 3 parts. 

The upper layer in the fridge

The temperature here is a little higher than that in the lower layer. So you can put some cooked food, desserts and yogurt as they are afraid of low temperatures.

Preserve your food into the fridge in a scientific way-2

The fridge door

The temperature here is quite higher than the inner chamber, so you can put here something including the drinks or seasoning for cooking. They are hard to go wrong or will be drunk up over a period of time.

Eggs are quite apt to be broken. So you’d better not put eggs on the door.

The lower layer in the fridge

Preserve your food into the fridge in a scientific way-3

The best place for the eggs is the lower layer, where the temperature is stable and the space is relatively big enough for them. You can find some boxes to put the eggs in and then put the box into the fridge to protect the eggs from being crashed.

The lower layer close to the inner wall is appropriate for storing vegetables and fruit. But they should be kept away from the inner wall to avoid damages because of freezing cold temperatures.

Preserve your food into the fridge in a scientific way-4

In the chilling chamber, the upper layer has the lowest temperature, and you can put some dumplings or other pastry in it. The lowest layer can be used to store meat and seafood, etc. In order to avoid cross-infection, all the cooked food here should also be kept in segregation from the raw one.

Different place in the fridge has a different temperature. So we should put different kinds of food in the right place to really make them fresher for a longer time.


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