More than Just Food, 8 Uses for Garlic at Home

By February 27, 2017

As the commonly used food in the kitchen, garlic has been favored a lot for its special taste. And I have to admit that I am an unashamed garlicaholic for its magic taste, though the garlic breath left often seems to suck a lot. Actually, the garlic is more than just food; it has many other incredible uses at home which may surprise you.

uses for garlic at home

1. Banish cold and flu

The garlic has been known as a great treatment for cold and flu since several centuries ago. And it’s the allicin in garlic that blocks enzymes which can impede bacterial and viral infection and lessen the chance of having a cold or cough in the end. Compared with drags for curing these wintertime bugs, the garlic has no side effect and works better. Either eating 3 raw gloves of garlic or drinking garlic-steeped water per day, you will not easily suffer from cold or flu.

garlic for cold

2. Reduce hair shedding

When talking about the uses for garlic at home, you may be surprised by its uses for reducing hair shedding. Constantly shedding of the hair often happens, as we are aging day by day. And the great pressure from everything makes that even worse, which can be really annoying. You may be trying hard to find ways to solve the shedding problem before you’re going bald. Give a shot to the garlic before you resort to some drastic actions. By massaging the scalp with garlic or garlic oil, your hair would be stimulated to grow again. (Tips: You can use coffee ground to help protect your hair.)

coffee grounds hair mask

3. Lose weight

After doing a lot of researches, the garlic has been proved to have the weight loss properties. And several friends of mine have told me that it does work! But you may be wondering why, for the compounds found in garlic could send the signals of satiety to your brain, which thus helps you to feel full faster. Also, it could boost the metabolic function and help your body burn more calories. (Also, you can drink some spa water to help lose weight.)

lose weight with garlic

4. Toothache relief

Are you suffering from terribly unbearable toothache, while the immediate treatment seems to be impossible? Calm down, why not seek help from garlic? Pound the garlic into mash and apply it to your tooth, the pain can be relived at once.

garlic for toothache

5. Strengthen your fingernail

The cracking fingernail can really be troublesome at times. The garlic could help you out! Cut a clove of garlic and apply it to the cracked fingernail, you will find with wonders that your fingernail is not that easy to crack.

protect fingernail

6. Expel pests

I guess all of you know from horror films or science fiction that garlic can help kill the zombie or vampire. Just like the mentioned creature, pests are afraid of garlic. And you can totally resort to this to expel the insects live at your home. Leave cloves of garlic in areas where insects mostly tend to flock, like the container for storing rice, the potting, etc. (Also, vinegar and lemon do the same trick.)

garlic for pests

7. Eliminate the ringworm

It happens all the time for the ringworm to appear on the skin. Once it appears, you can apply garlic cloves to sooth the irritated skin for the garlic has antibacterial properties.

garlic cure ringworm

8. Ease the unsightly sores

Cut cloves of garlic and fry them with coconut oil until the gloves become golden brown. Drain the garlic gloves out and massage the sores with the oil left (applied when it cold down), you will find it works just as effectively as other treatment for getting rid of the sores. And it could work better if you take a shower after that.

garlic ease sores

After thorough reading these 8 uses for garlic at home, are you surprised? Just peel several cloves of garlic right now and apply it at your home to see what boom it can bring you!

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