Mistakes to Avoid When Making the Best Cold Brew Coffee

By June 16, 2017

make the best cold brew coffee

One of your devout hopes in such unbearable summer is to serve yourself with a cup of cold brew coffee. Featured as a dark and intense body, it is, absolutely, not just hot coffee poured over ice. However, common mistakes come along with the coffee preparation unawareness and unprofessional cold brewing. Differentiate you from other hot coffee drinkers and even change their habitual wisdom if you shall wisely avoid these misguiding tips, not proven effective to make the best cold brew coffee. (You can make cold brew coffee at home with French Press)

#1 Good Beans

Cold-Brew-vs Iced-Coffee

It is not necessarily to equip with richly fresh, staggeringly high-end and 100% pure origin coffee beans on cold brew, for its process takes more freedom to the age of beans and thus it counts among great wastage of quality coffee. Need further details- at what levels the beans can to be used as the most proper time? Basically, to make the best cold brew coffee, you can get a batch of coffee beans that are made several weeks ago.

#2 Finely Grinding Beans

cold brew coffee ground coffee

In the interests of boosting the beans extraction process and contributing to decent flavors, espresso and some other common brewing methods call for finely ground beans. When it comes to making the cold brew coffee, it is in the opposite condition. Coarsely ground beans are more suitable while brewing, for you have steeped the beans up to 12 hours. Over-extracted, steeped for too long, is bitter and in the list of the most undesired coffee among people. By the way, to make French Press coffee, you also need coarsely ground coffee. 

#3 Wrong Ratio

cold brew coffee

Coffee to water ratio plays an indispensable role in making the best cold brew coffee. You can start with a quarter-pound of beans to 4 cups of water. Do not neglect and exceed the formula randomly and negligently, or your enthusiasm for cold brew coffee fades gradually with times of failure or dissatisfaction.

#4 Long Time Kept in the Fridge

add milk to cold brew coffee

Reasons why you would like to choose the cold brew coffee in the summertime, is not only can it cool you down and save back your energy when poured into your mouth but it can be preserved upwards of two weeks as long as it is in an undiluted concentrate. We all know that hot coffee becomes crap after only a few hours, it doesn’t mean that, however, the cold brew coffee can be kept in the fridge without time limits. The flavor quality can be degraded after the first week it was made, and things get worse if you have diluted the concentrate with water. By doing so, the length of preservation shortens to 2-3 days merely.

You can add some milk into the cold brew coffee provided at a theme party or a family time. Do not freak out the water temperature; start the steeping process whenever you want and dilute the concentrate till you all get start.

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